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Communiqué of the Political Bureau of Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist on the recent unrests in Iran


No to Mousavi’s Green Islam, No to Ahmadinejad’s  Black Islam! 

Long Live Freedom and Equality!




The choice placed before you is a bogus one. We must not repeat the bitter experience of the so called reformist President Khatemi. The green platform of Mousavi and his wife is a call to further suppress women; is the call for undermining humanity and curtailing freedom. Do not go down the tested road. Ahmadinejad’s call is an attempt to totally degrade humanity, continue with Islamic suppression and permanent exploitation. Do not fall for these platforms.

We need to ask ourselves what is this uprising for? We need to ask ourselves what would be the outcome of this movement?  Would it be a new round of election? Would it be victory for Mousavi? Is this our victory? Is this farce, the so called election under the slogan of god is great a victory for humanity? This is not our struggle.  No. Our struggle is the struggle of the working class against the entire Islamic Republic; against the rule of the capitalists.

Neither the election nor the cry over its legitimacy is our concern. The entire Islamic Republic and its election is a fraud. Our protests against poverty, deprivation, women’s oppression, and the lack of rights can not be conducted through the conflicts and rivalries amongst various factions of the Islamic Republic.



Workers, Women and the Youth!

Nothing is more legitimate and telling than your defiance against the Islamic Republic. Nothing is more legitimate than your attempt to weaken and undermine this regime. And nothing is more legitimate than expressing your disgust at the hell that the Islamic Republic has created for you. But you need to conduct your defiance independent of this so called green and black Islam. We need to close our ranks and organise our independent protests against the entire Islamic Republic.



Take this opportunity and organise yourselves in every neighbourhood and workplace and declare that this election is an attempt to elect a representative within the ranks of the capitalists to lead the country. This is not our election. Pronounce that this capitalist state is not our state. Turn each and every workplace and working class district into a bulwark of unity, consciousness and workers’ power. Help those who have been deluded by green Islam of Mousavi and the black Islam of Ahmadinejad to see the reality. Today is the time for the workers to separate their ranks from that of the capitalists.

This is also a crucial time for the freedom and equality seeking students. Your movement came about in opposition and against the might of the state and its security forces. You managed to take the initiative within the students’ movement and lead a heroic struggle for freedom and equality. Now the pro-Mousavi students are trying to push you aside and take the initiative within the universities. It is now the time to rebuild your organisation and unite your ranks.  Through your message of freedom and equality challenge the regime. Take over all universities. Seize the initiative and kick out the pro-green Islam out of the universities.

It will be a shame if the Islamic regime could manage to impose Zahra Rahnavard (wife of the presidential candidate Mousavi) as the symbol of liberated women; it would a shame if the regime could succeed in propping up Ahmadinejad as the champion of anti-corruption and it would be a shame if the regime could manage to   promote Mousavi to the oppressed people of Iran as the champion of freedom.




Exploit the conflict within the ranks of your enemy.  Take control of your workplaces and your neighbourhoods. Escalate your struggle against oppression; against suppression and against exploitation! Exploit this opportunity to expand unity amongst your ranks and against all the capitalists. Wherever and whenever possible organise your own gatherings, rallies and your own general assembly to safeguard your own interests. Try to prevent the workers becoming pawns in the fight between reactionary camps. Build and expand the ranks of freedom and equality; the ranks of workers revolution!


Long Live freedom and Equality!

Long Live Workers Revolution!

Down with the Islamic Republic!



Worker-communist Party of Iran -Hekmatist

Political Bureau

June 16, 2009