The Universal Bill of Rights

Adopted by the worker-communist Party-Hekmatist 


Society should guarantee the freedom of all human beings. Freedom means freedom from oppression and political despotism; freedom from economic subjugation; freedom from intellectual enslavement; freedom to explore different aspects of human life; freedom to develop one’s creative capacity; and freedom to experience the vast expanse of human emotions.

Society should guarantee the equality of all human beings. For us equality is not the mere equality before the law but equality in the enjoyment of all the material and intellectual wealth and opportunities in the society; equality in respect and the integrity of all human beings. 

But, the majority of the people in the world neither enjoy this freedom nor do they enjoy the material wealth which they themselves have produced. Material and intellectual destiny of human beings is bounded to the production of profit. Exploitation and economical submission of the vast majority of the people is the governing rule of the world. The logic of the capitalist production for profit necessitates keeping hundreds of millions of people "profit productive" and in abject poverty. Poverty, deprivation, discrimination and inequality, suppression and political despotism, ignorance, superstition and cultural backwardness, unemployment, homelessness, economical and political insecurity, corruption and crime are all inseparable calamities which are reproduced everyday in the modern capitalist societies.

Freedom of the human beings, in the eye of the bourgeoisie, is in essence the freedom of exploitation and the freedom to be exploited. Even whenever the human rights come to the consideration, at best, limited and conditional rights are brought up which majority of the people can not use them anyway. Freedom and equality are not compatible with economic submission. By ignoring this fact, the capitalist human rights cannot answer the needs of the majority of the human beings. The "Declaration of the human rights" does not guarantee the freedom and equality of people. It is a tool to prevent the uprising of the freedom seeking population. It is a tool to prevent people and intellectuals noticing the real dimensions of freedom and equality and its contradiction with the very nature of the capitalist society.

With the adoption and publication of the "The Universal Bill of Rights", Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist offers a clear vision of the basis of the human rights. The Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist considers these rights as the unalienable rights of every one in the world and endeavours to materialize them.

Furthermore, the adoption and propagation of "The Universal Bill of Rights" in the current political environment in Iran is a significant measure and enhances the role that the Worker-communist Party - Hekmatist can play. The Iranian society is on the threshold of one of its most important periods in its history. The Islamic Republic can be overthrown. The people in Iran can and should not limit their struggles to the overthrow the Islamic government but to replace it with a social order in which freedom and equality, in its deepest sense, are realised.

The Worker-communist Party - Hekmatist considers The Universal Bill of Rights as the unalienable rights of the people and upon the worker's revolution and seizure of the political power and the proclamation of the Socialist Republic will declare these rights as the basis of all legal and political framework of the society.

Worker-communist Party- Hekmatist calls on all to support the Universal Bill of Rights.



The Universal Bill of Rights

The following articles set out the universal and unalienable rights of every human being. No laws, legislations or policies shall undermine any of the articles stated in this Bill. No individual or groups of people shall be discriminated against and denied the rights set out in this Bill. The state and its institutions are obliged to guarantee the access of everyone to enjoy these rights.