Warning against the imperialist counter-revolution plot in Egypt


The revolution that gave birth to counter-revolution!

Unbelievable But True!
Interpol is Cracking Down Iranian Regime Opposition!
Help us to Stop This Interpol Collaboration with Iran!

An Open Letter to INTERPOL
Council in Support of People’s Struggles in Iran (Toronto-Canada)


Request to take urgent action  to foil the Islamic Republic of Iran’s
conspiracy against its opposition


We have recently learned that the INTERPOL has posted the names of twelve
 members and associates of our Party as “WANTED” on its website


To General Secretariat of Interpol
Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan (Iraq)

La FSE appelle à condamner la collaboration d’INTERPOL
avec la répression de la République Islamique d’Iran

Editor’s note   
One year on

  An interview with

Koorosh Modarresi
n the first  anniversary of the formation of
the WPI-Hekmatist

Saddam’s trial: Whose justice?

Aman Kafa

On the anti-Israeli rhetoric of the Iranian president
War: A divine blessing and saviour of Islam

Soraya Shahabi

Freedom Guards 
Resolution adopted by the third plenum of the central committee
of Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist, October 2005

Can we still rely on Lenin?
A few words in commemoration of the October Revolution
Is Leninism still relevant? Mansoor Hekmat 

The third Plenum of WPI-Hekmatist concluded  

Campaign to Free Labour Activists in Iran 
Proclamation on the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran
The threat of US military action must be
resolutely condemned and opposed

Statement of the Political Bureau of
 Worker-communist Party of Iran- Hekmatist
on the US threat of military action against Iran

Communiqué on the foundation of the
Worker- communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist
on split in the Worker-communist party of Iran
Yanar Mohammed speaks to Koorosh Modaresi
Part1           Part2

Split in Worker-communist Party of Iran
And Formation of
Worker-communist Party of  Iran – Hekmatist

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Komonist  12,  January 2007
PDF version

Editor: Javad Aslani
A monthly paper of WPI-Hekmatist

In this Issue
Diplomacy or Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Students Day 2006:
Left and Radical Students Seize the Initiative

 Javad Aslani

An introduction to Worker-communism
Koorosh Modaressi

Freedom Guards
Step up their presence
in the cities and towns in Iranian Kurdistan

Javad Aslani

Resolution on:
The situation in Iran and the challenges facing the
Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

Saddam’s Execution Verdict

Komonist  10 & 11,  September 2006
PDF version

Working Class and the Political Power

Congress of Hope. Congress of re-engagement with the Society
Koorosh Modaressi

Bush’s Defeat
The Impasse of New World Order Policy in Iraq

Communiqué on the conclusion of the:
First Congress of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

Komonist  9,  September 2006
PDF version
An Important Event In a Turbulent And Critical Time
Azam Kamguyan

In Praise of Unity against Unemployment

Join the Campaign Against Execution of Children in Iran!
Nahid Riazi

Komonist  8,  August 2006
PDF version
Summer of 88, a dark episode in the history of humanity!
 Javad Aslani

First Congress of WPI-Hekmatist

We are engaged in building a mass Communist Party
Koorosh Modaressi

Revolutionary Council of Socialists of Iran – Hekmatist
Statement of the “Revolutionary Council of Socialist Youths of Iran”
on joining the ranks of the Hekmatist Party

Comrades of the “Revolutionary Council of the Socialist Youths”
welcome to the Hekmatist Party!

Escalation of Oppression and Attacks on People
Komonist  7,  July 2006
PDF version

Shame on “Rome Conference”!
Shame on “International Community”!

No to ethnic identity, No to religious identity
Long live human identity

A world with a single standard!
The undisputed right of the US and its allies to assault humanity!

Freedom Guards: A beacon of hope in an uncertain region
Javad Aslani

Freedom Guards
Structure, Framework and the Tasks of the Freedom Guards

First Congress of WPI-Hekmatist
Komonist  5 &6,  May 2006
PDF version

In Commemoration of a Prolific Life
Mansoor Hekmat Week  4-11 June 2006

Nuclear Crisis or Crisis with a Nuclear Pretext
Koorosh Modaressi

The Threat of Military Assault against Iran

The Fourth Plenum of the Central Committee of
the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

Victory in France Workers and Youth
Defeat the French Government

Interview with Nicola Dessaux

Komonist  4,  March 2006
PDF version

Iraq: Three years of death and destruction
Javad Aslani

Defence of Unconditional Right of Belief and Expression

Do not confuse Hezbollah and Islamic thugs with people
from Islam stricken countries!

Our policy towards international protests, outside Iran,
against the threat of US assault on Iran

Koorosh Modarresi

No to US Warmongering!  

No Shiite,.. No Sunni,… Ours is human identity
An exclusive interview with Samir Adil the President of
the Iraq Freedom Congress
Komonist  3,  February 2006
PDF version

International Solidarity in Action

In Commemoration of 8th March

Repel Islamists attack on freedom of conscience and expression!

The “Nuclear Crisis” of the Islamic Republic and the Western Powers
Resolution adopted by the Political Bureau of the WPI – Hekmatist

The danger is very real!
Fateh Sheikh

Kurdistan and its role in empowering Communism in Iran
Interview with Hossein Moradbeigi

Communists show the way and lead the battle against
the Islamic bigotry
Javad Aslan

Free Ossanlou Now!
 Javad Aslani

A delegation from WPI – Hekmatist met with the ILO officials in
Geneva to highlight the plight of the Tehran Bus Workers

Komonist  2,  January 2006
PDF version

Workers’ Protests - Challenges and Prospects
 Interview with Koorosh Modarresi, leader of the
Worker-communist Party – Hekmatist

In praise of truth, in defence of human dignity
 Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
 Fateh Sheikh

No Redemption: Tookie is executed
 Time to kill capital punishment
Javad Aslani

Tehran Bus Workers challenge the authorities in Iran
Javad Aslani

 The statement adopted by students at the
Teheran University Rally on the occasion of the Students Da

Komonist  1,  December 2005
PDF version