To all workers, trade unions, workers’ organisations


 The exploited are protesting in Iran. They are faced with the intensified and most sever repression of the Islamic regime of capital in Iran. The global bourgeoisie in all its camps and poles, from Trump to Putin, from Merkel, May to Jinping, … all and all are “advising” the rulers in Iran to show restrain, while having their own meetings at the UN and trying to form a strategy to undermine any further deepening of the protests, and avoid progressive and left-wing alternatives in Iran.

 In Iran too, the right-wing organisations and media are all pushing forward their own agenda, and are trying to reign this movement, and impose their aims on this protest movement.

 This is also our time. This is our movement, the movement of those who are protesting against the inhumane situation that is being forced upon them. Any progress of this movement of the exploited in Iran, any safeguarding in pushing back the Islamic Republic’s ruler, will lead to a different balance of power in the class struggle in Iran. The future is not written yet.

 This is the time for us to stand together. This is the time for solidarity and support of the struggle of our class in one corner of this globe. Join and take action in support of the protests in Iran.

 Long live international solidarity

 Aman Kafa

  Worker-communist Party of Iran (Hekmatist – Official Line) – Organisation Abroad

5 January 2018