The third Plenum of the Central Committee of the WPI-Hekmatist concluded


The third plenum of the Central Committee of Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist was held from 14th  to 16th  October 2005. Apart from the members of the CC and the CC aides a delegation from the leadership of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq and a number of Party cadres were also invited to attend.

The plenum commenced with playing the Internationale and observing one minute silence in remembrance of all those who lost their lives struggling for freedom and socialism, and in commemoration of Mansoor Hekmat. The following items had been proposed and agreed to be discussed at the Plenum:

1-      Reports

2-      Review of the experience of Worker-communist Party of Iran

3-      The political situation in Iran, and the Party’s tasks and priorities

4-      Situation in Kurdistan and the tasks of the Party’s organisation in Kurdistan

5-      Freedom Guards

6-      Proposed resolutions and motions

7-      Election of the general secretary of the central committee (the Leader of the party) and leader’s deputy

8-      Elections for political bureau members

 The report on Party’s performance was delivered by Koorosh Modarresi (the leader of the Party) and Rahman Hoseinzade (deputy leader) and then  Fateh Sheikh (Chair of the political Bureau) presented the Political Bureau’s report. The plenum then entered into a discussion over the reports and assessed the party’s activities since the second Plenum.

The second item on the agenda, “Review of the experience of Worker-communist Party of Iran”,  was presented by Rahman Hoseinzade and was widely debated in the plenum.

The third item of the agenda took was allocated the longest time and drew widest participation and intervention. This item was introduced and led by Koorosh Modarresi.

 The plenum then adopted the proposed resolution on “Freedom Guard”, “the logo of Freedom Guard”, rules on “the changes in the party’s leadership structure”, and on “fundraising campaign”. The rest of the motions and resolutions; “The Party and non-party and mass organisations and institutions”, “abbreviation of the party’s name” and “efforts to raise the revolutionary banner of  the working class in the movement to topple Islamic Republic” were referred to the political bureau for consideration.

 Alongside the main business of the plenum, a number of seminars and workshops ere organised. The following workshops were run:  “Non-party and mass organisations and the Party”, “Introducing the Party’s  Monthly Paper”, and “The Fundraising Campaign”. The adopted resolutions and main debates of the plenum will be published in due course.

 In the elections, the plenum unanimously elected Koorosh Modaressi as the general secretary of the central committee (party leader) and Rahman Hoseinzade as his deputy. Then a politburo of 19 were elected whose members are: Azar Modaresi, Asad Golchini, Azam Kamguian, Aman Kafa, Iraj Farzad, Bahram Modarresi, Soraya Shahabi, Hossein Moradbeigi (HameSoor), Khaled Haji-mohammadi, Saleh Sardari, Abdollah Darabi, Fateh Sheikh, Majid Hosseini, Mohamad Fatahi, Mahmood Ghazvini, Mostafa Asadpoor, Mehrnousch Mossavi and  Nasan Nodinian.

In its first meeting immediately after the plenum, the politburo unanimously elected Fateh Sheikh as its Chair. The plenum ended its sessions with the concluding speech by Koorosh Modaressi and the singing of the Internationale.


The Central Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

18 October 18, 2005