Statement of the Political Bureau of the Worker-communist Party of Iran- Hekmatist on the US threat of military action against Iran 

The threat of US military action must be resolutely condemned and opposed

 With the start of George Bush’s second term in office, the US administration, including George Bush himself, have renewed the possibility of a military offensive against Iran. Yesterday, in his state of the union address following his re-election, George Bush once again raised this issue. Under a barrage of media offensive surrounding their scandalous election in Iraq, George Bush, more intently than before, focused on the use of military force in pursuit of his administration’s policies in the next four years, and once again Iran and its regime featured in his speech.

 Considering the conflict and the difficulties that the US government is facing over its invasion of Iraq, it is obviously not in a position to substantiate its threat in the form of a military expedition like that of Iraq. But the mere threat of the use of military force only serves the same bullying policies that lead to its war against Iraq.

 At the same time people of Iran have mobilised a massive movement to overthrow the Islamic regime and are determined to put an end to it. They will not allow the US or any other powers, by resorting to military adventurism in pursuit of their reactionary and imperialistic ambitions; undermine their struggle to topple the Islamic regime in Iran.

 Regardless of the degree of the possibility of a military offensive, people in Iran will take these threats seriously and they should indeed do so. Such threats, regardless of the degree of its likelihood, and in any shape or form, is not so much a threat against the Islamic Republic of Iran but a direct threat against the Iranian people’s movement to overthrow the Islamic Republic. Under the current situation in Iran and the region, such threats will not weaken the Islamic Republic but will enhance the precarious position of the regime vis-à-vis its confrontation with the people and the forces poised to overthrow it. Such threats will prolong the regime’s survival just as the US war in Iraq and its invasion has served to improve the position of the Islamic Republic. So far, the Islamic Republic has benefited from these threats and there is no doubt that any missiles fired by the US (or Israel) on Iran will prolong the existence of the Islamic Republic.

 At this moment in time, the US government’s aim of propagating military threat, along with its  deals and comprises with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the political Islam in Iraq, specially during the so called elections in Iraq, is on one hand designed to coerce the Islamic Republic to toe the lines of the US policy in the region, and on the other is aimed to intervene and tilt the balance of power in favour of the conservative and right wing opposition forces to the detriment of the freedom and equality seeking and left wing opposition forces advocating a popular movement to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

 Regardless of the degree of its success in containing the Islamic Republic, the US government by resorting to the policy of the threat of military action and the talk of the use of military intervention, attempts to implement its long term policy of opposing the Iranian people and the left-wing alternative in Iran and prop up a pro-US alternative before the people in Iran. It is precisely from this point of view that a resolute opposition to the US policy, while intensifying their struggle to overthrow the Islamic Republic, becomes absolutely necessary for people in Iran.

 The Worker-communist Party of Iran -Hekmatist will, as a Party responsible towards the movement of the people of Iran for overthrowing the Islamic Republic, resolutely condemns the US’s threat of military action and calls on people to oppose it with all their might. The WPI-Hekmatist also calls on all the opposition political Parties, those who rely on people to advance their struggle to oppose the threat of US military action and relentlessly expose those forces that in any way, shape or form, support this  policy of bullying adopted by the US government.

 Freedom Loving People!

Workers, women, youths and the oppressed!

The most effective and active way to oppose the US threat of military action is to escalate our fight against the Islamic Republic and rely on our own revolutionary movement and uprising.  By organising and mobilising our forces in places of work, districts and wherever we are, we can tighten the noose around the Islamic Republic and its oppressive forces and bring its inevitable downfall even closer. Opposition to the reactionary and anti-people policies of the US and the right wing Iranian political forces supported by the US, will undoubtedly be conducted through our concerted, popular mass movement to topple the Islamic Republic. The WPI-Hekmatist in each and all of these arenas and battles is with you, and will be in the forefront of your ranks!

  Political Bureau of the Worker-communist Party of Iran - Hekmatist

3 February 2005