Shame on “Rome Conference”! 

Shame on “International Community”!

The “Rome International Conference” held on Wednesday July 26 to discuss the Middle East crisis, concluded without agreeing on anything that might dismay the Israeli government. The media, the UN and the participating states all reported that the conference had ended without an agreement on an immediate ceasefire. This failure had come about because of the US’s refusal to endorse a call for immediate cease fire and its support for Israeli action. The Israeli government was quick to declare that the outcome of the Rome Conference was a clear green light to continue with its offensive in Lebanon. This was indeed the outcome of the “Rome Conference”, shame on “Rome Conference”  

The so called “International Community” is nothing but a group of countries rubber stamping the US and Israeli aggression. One day prior to the “Rome conference” the Israeli army in a planned and deliberate

attack and despite the UN’s repeated approaches and contacts with the Israeli government and the Army, murdered four UN officials. This was a deliberate act and a warning shot to intimidate the UN. And it worked. The Rome Conference practically endorsed the Israeli actions. This is the essence of the UN and the “International Community”. Shame on them.

Nearly forty years has lapsed since the UN resolution 242, adopted in the aftermath of the 1967 six day war, calling on Israel to hand over the occupied lands. This resolution has become the subject of ridicule and mockery by the Israeli state. Yet Condoleezza Rice calls for the immediate implementation of the UN resolution 1559 calling for disarming the Hezbollah. The fact is that the Lebanese government, with its current composition, would have disarmed or at least would have incorporated the Hezbollah armed forces into its army if it had the power to do so. The Israeli policy, with the unconditional support of the US, provides the Hezbollah with legitimacy and enough support to resist disarming. The Israeli Fascism is procreates Islamic Fascism of Hezbollah and Hamas brand. The UN Security Council too is manipulated by John Bolton, the US ambassador to UN, to serve the US and Israeli imperialistic strategy. This is the unending cycle of death and destruction fuelled by the Israeli fascism and the Islamic fascism of Hamas and Hezbollah under the auspices of the UN.

The human community must get itself rid of the “International Community” and stand up to the rampant US aggression and its allies. The humanity in its attempts to emancipate itself needs to mobilise all its forces to take on this aggression. This is the only way to sideline the reactionary forces.

And as far as we, the people of Iran, are concerned, in order to play our international part, must oust the Islamic Republic with our own efforts and terminate the US warmongering against Iran and end its political interference in the region.

 This article was first published in Farsi in Weekly Communist, No 103, July 28, 2006