Statement of the “Revolutionary Council of Socialist Youths of Iran” on joining
the ranks of the Hekmatist Party.

  Revolutionary Council of Socialists of Iran – Hekmatist

 We, members and activists of the “Revolutionary Council of Socialist Youths of Iran”, following two years of independent activities around our publication “What is to be Done?” and after a series of internal debates and discussions have reached the conclusion that the time for uniting with communist forces and strengthening them to oust the Islamic Republic has arrived.

 To this end and following a thorough analysis of the workers and communist organisations, have chosen to continue our political activities and reinforce the ranks of the communists, alongside the Hekmatist Party. We were particularly impressed by  their internal democracy and their unrelenting struggle against the Iranian regime.

 The Revolutionary Council of Socialist Youths of Iran, will from now on, under the new name of the “Revolutionary Council of Socialists of Iran - Hekmatist”, continues with its activities alongside the Hekmatist Party.

 In our view the unity of the communist forces at this juncture is of paramount importance and we intend to play our part in this regard.

 We hope that such an approach will establish a new tradition for the similar currents to join the Worker-communist Party of Iran- Hekmatist.


Renowa Rasekh

On behalf of the “Revolutionary Council of Socialists of Iran”

August 8, 2006