Comrades of the “Revolutionary Council of the Socialist Youths”

welcome to the Hekmatist Party!


The “Revolutionary Council of the Socialist Youths” has announced that they have decided to join us to carry out their struggle against the Islamic Republic and for the establishment of socialism. These comrades have, with their historic decision, strengthened the ranks of the struggle for freedom and equality and for the workers’ rule. On behalf of all members of the Hekmatist Party I welcome these comrades and salute them.

 The significance of this development goes well beyond this event.  This is an important development towards building a mass communist party; a political and influential communist party and not an ideological sect that has blighted the communist movement for the past 60-70 years. Overcoming this shortcoming has been one of the prime concerns of Mansour Hekmat’s communism and the Hekmatist Party. The action of the comrades of the Revolutionary Council of the Socialist Youth is one such a move towards this goal.

 Our Party’s organisational rules and procedures are very clear. But in practice our Party is faced with a major challenge and an historic test. The fundamental question in this regard remains to be whether we are able, in practice, to produce a success model of an open, transparent and a non-sectarian mass communistic Party or not?  Will we be able to create the condition for every citizen who shares in our aspirations and the aspirations of our programme- “A Better World”- to carry out his or her struggle in this Party or not?

 We must succeed in this test. There is no other way for us. Our movement and our Party must bring together the efforts of all those who share in the aspirations of the working class and turn it into an invincible force within the socio-political environment of the Iranian society. We must develop a successful model to pave the way for other currents and groups to join the ranks of the Hekmatist Party.

 The comrades of the Revolutionary Council of Socialist Youth have decided, for the time being, to carry on with their activities as an independent entity alongside the Party. We will all endeavour to close this gap in the shortest possible time and all of us together take on this capitalist world.

 I should point out that, in order to keep the whole process transparent, the documents and correspondence leading to this development will be made public and accessible to all.

 Once again I welcome the comrades of Revolutionary Council of Socialist Youth and assure them of our warmest reception.

 Koorosh Modaressi

Secretary of the Central Committee of  WPI-Hekmatist

August 10, 2006