Iraq: Three years of death and destruction

 Javad Aslani

Three years of bloodshed and carnage in Iraq has passed before our eyes. No one seems to know or remember how many lives have been lost so far. And those who tend to come up with a figure they refer to the number of people killed directly and on spot and confirmed and announced by the occupying forces. It is estimated that half of those wounded and injured in the bombings do not survive. The indirect death toll is another story. 

The worrying thing is that the warring factions and those involved in the killings do not show any signs of willingness or even interest in resolving the situation and why should they?

 It is a blessing in disguise for all parties involved. The Shiite movement in the south of the country have achieved their long held desire to establish their rule. Thanks to the US invasion and support, now they are in charge and have imposed their rule on unfortunate people who live in that part of Iraq. Under the protection of the US forces they are busy building their power base and root out any dissent. Not to mention the generous political, financial and military support from the Islamic Republic.

 For the nationalist and Sunni forces again thanks to the US invasion they have found a rallying cause and have become a magnet for the political Islam in the region. Large sections of the religious and tribal forces in the centre of the country have been offered a free hand in deciding the fate of the people.

The Kurdish tribal and nationalist forces too can not believe their luck. From 1991 to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Kurdish tribal forces were appointed, by the US forces, as the administrators of what could only have been described as a refugee camp in the no fly zone controlled by the US forces, holding the livelihood of people to ransom and distributing rations. After fifteen years of uncertainty and living in a limbo the people of Kurdistan apparently have to be grateful that their cities and towns have been spared the devastation inflicted on Baghdad and Falujeh.

 And for the US, despite the fact that the situation in Iraq is not developing according to their plan it makes no difference. They need to assume their undisputed role as the world power and any sign of weakness is not acceptable. In pursing this aim reminding the others of their might and power is essential. Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran only serve this purpose.

 Next door the Islamic Republic of Iran has exploited the war in Iraq to its own advantage. The country is gripped with endemic problems. Unemployment is rampant, workers in many enterprises have not paid for months, and poverty is widespread. The regime is facing challenges from all quarters. The ruling clique is facing a powerful social movement poised to oust them. An external diversion, a war would be most welcome. After all they have been preaching and practising their death doctrine; if an innocent is killed he will go to heaven and if a sinner is killed his sins will be wiped off.

 Invasion and occupation of Iraq, as predicted, has thrown dark forces and criminal gangs in that region to the fore. Now survival and living for another day is the main preoccupation of ordinary people in Iraq. All the hopes, aspirations, desire for a better life and even needs and demands have been put on hold.

 The Iraqi experience must have convinced every one of the disastrous consequences of war, and even the threat of war, for ordinary people. The reactionary forces, as seen in Iraq, all flourish in conditions of war. No wonder that leaders of the Islamic Republic in Iran are prying for war.

 The humanity must not allow these criminals to carry out with their death and destruction. The threat of war against Iran has begun to further impact on the lives of millions of people in Iran. Apart from price rises, unemployment and insecurity, the government has started to clamp down on its opposition. Most basic labour demands are met with imprisonment and torture. Any sign of dissent will be crushed in the name of war against the great Satan.

 Greatest marches in history were organised against the invasion of Iraq. This showed the extend of peoples’ feeling and the potential for mass actions. The US warmongering must be stopped right now. This time round the US must realise that we mean business. Bush and Blair must realise that they are playing with fire. The working class and the civilised humanity must take the initiative and show the warmongers that this time they will not let off so easily.