Communists show the way and lead the battle against the Islamic bigotry

Javad Aslani

 Progressive people in Stockholm and Oslo joined demonstrations organised by the Worker-communist Party of Iran- Hekmatist and the Worker-communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) to repel the Islamic aggression against freedom of expression.

 On the afternoon of Tuesday February 7, during the rush hour, the main square in Stockholm city centre and the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo, became the scenes of militant demonstrations against the Islamic assaults on freedom of expression and the progressive values of the civilised world.

 Tens of people while carrying placards condemning the attempts by the Islamists to curb the freedom of expression and intimidate and harass those who dare to exercise their rights, in a magnificent and timely action tried to show the world that the this round of offensive by the political Islam can only be defeated through a consorted, united and militant counter offensive.

 The response of the ordinary people and passers-by in both capitals, as well as the media coverage of the events were a pleasant reminder that the civilised humanity can not afford to be complacent and must try to make their views clear and make a case against all those who dare to violate the hard won civil liberties.

 The news of the actions made its way to the front pages of major dailies in both countries. RIALTID of Sweden conducted a comprehensive interview with Asad Kamal one of the organisers of the demonstration. The Main 24 hour Swedish TV channel broadcast live coverage of the event and held interviews with the organisers. A number of Swedish media outlets also carried interviews with the cadres of the two parties including Asad Kamal, Ranena Karim and Arazoo Mohammadi. Leaders of the two Party including Rahman Hosseinzadeh, Mostafa Asadpour from WPI-Hekmatist and Faris Mahmoud member of the Political bureau of the WCPI addressed the rally. Yanar Mohamad, the leader of the Organisation for Freedom of Women in Iraq was also present at the demonstration and delivered a passionate speech in support of the freedom of expression and against the political Islam latest offensive.

 The news of demonstration in Oslo was also widely reflected on the main Norwegian TV channels and as well printed press. A number of TV and radio stations conducted and broadcast interviews with Jamal Mohsen, Kamel Ahmad and Bahar Manzar from WCPI and Daruish Niknam and Malekeh Ezati from WPI-Hekmatist. The Norwegian daily NETT AVISEN carried a substantial report on its front page covering the demonstration and the demands and messages of the demonstrators.  

The organisers of these successful and well received actions deserve our warmest appreciation. They have shown that, we the civilised world, must not allow bigots and reactionaries undermine the freedom of expression and our basic liberties. The menace of the political Islam must be confronted with vigour and a strong show of defiance against dogma, backwardness and the right wing religious politics.