The statement of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist on:

Saddam’s Execution Verdict

On Tuesday December 26 the Appeal Court in Iraq upheld Saddam’s death sentence. According to this verdict the execution must be carried out within thirty days. It is claimed that Saddam’s sentence has been issued for his crimes against humanity. This is a big lie and an absolute hypocrisy. Saddam’s death sentence has got nothing to do with serving justice in Iraq. This verdict does not address the grievances of the people of Iraq and thousands of people who were murdered by Saddam.

Those issuing this verdict and those carrying it out are by no means less criminal than Saddam. If those implicated in crimes against humanity are to be tried and hanged then likes of George Bush and Blair ought to be first in line. These criminals and their policies have so far killed far more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein. These guys are perpetrators of murders and crimes against humanity. Those who today shed tears for the people of Iraq and those who cry for “justice” and have risen in support of justice for the victims of Saddam’s crimes are themselves responsible for mass murdering Iraqi children and the total destruction and disintegration of the Iraqi society. Thanks to the policies of the Western imperialist world order led by Bush and Blair Iraq has now become a derelict site. And again thanks to their policies the Palestine question has become the most tangled issue and the Islamist and ethnic terrorists take the lives of hundreds of people on the daily basis all over the world. If the question is about trying the murderers then one ought to know where do Bush, Blair, Sharon and tens of other mass murderers stand.

The execution of the former dictator of Iraq is neither about serving justice nor about trying the killers of Iraqi people. This verdict is meant to mark a turning point in the battle of the US militarism in Iraq and mark the “victory” of the US in Iraq. This verdict is not intended to mark people’s victory but is meant to mark the victory of rulers that have a criminal dossier thicker than Saddam’s. This verdict is indented to silence anyone who dares to “oppose” the US.

With the execution of Saddam the killings and murders in Iraq and the region will not diminish. This verdict is part and parcel of a consorted attempt by the murderers of Iraqi people to terrorise and subdue them. Putting an end to killings and murders in Iraq and in the region will only come about by an all sided and serious confrontation against all the perpetrators of death and destruction; against the gory new imperialist order and agents of ethnic and religious wars. This can only be achieved through the civilised humanity and those opposing all kinds of killings and executions.

Ending this barbarism is the task of a humanity that wants to relinquish the fate of human beings from the likes of Bush, Blair, Saddam and Sharon. This can only be achieved through the organised and conscious will of the working class determined to put an end, once and for all, to this injustice and barbarism.

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist December 27, 2006