Bush’s Defeat
The Impasse of New World Order Policy in Iraq

The defeat of the Republicans in the Congressional elections in the United States on November 7, was the product of the impasse of the policies of world reactionary front led by the USA administration. The consequences of this impasse, on the back of the widening crack in the fragile consensus in the West and the ever increasing isolation of the US, will not be confined to the US and will reverberate over to Europe and the Middle East.

The Republicans’ defeat did not come about as the result of a successful political campaign and the victory of the Democrats. The defeat of the Republicans came about rather as the result of the total collapse of the military and terrorist policies of the entire ruling class in the US. The immediate consequence of this political failure has produced the massacres, bombardments, destruction and the disintegration of the civil life in Iraq. Both the Democrats and the Republicans share the tenets of the US policy in Iraq and both share the responsibility of inflicting a total destruction on Iraq and obliterating the civil, social and cultural foundation of that country; and they also bear the responsibly for abating the emergence of the religious and ethnic sectarian groups.

The rejection of Bush’s policies was a clear confirmation of the defeat of the gory New World Order policies and the crack in the camp of the reactionaries and the enemies of people. This crack and the admission of defeat should be seized upon by the civilised humanity against military aggression and used as a stepping stone to create a better world.

In the absence of the united ranks of the progressive people the outcome of this defeat could well be exploited by the ultra reactionary right wing religious and nationalist forces. Without the united rank of the working class and the freedom seeking people around the world this defeat would pave the way for the emergence of yet another camp of reaction in the world.

The defeat of Bush and the impasse of the US led terrorist policies in Iraq must be used by the working class and the progressive movements to defeat all the reactionaries in the world. Bush and the US ruling clique and their allies are responsible for the destruction of Iraq and they must be tried for their crimes against humanity.

Worker-communist of Iran-Hekmatist
November 13, 2006