Statement of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist on:

The Threat of Military Assault against Iran

The continued threat of US attack against Iran in the recent months has cast the fear of a catastrophe over the lives of people of Iran. A catastrophe that according to the most “optimistic” and most “authoritative” US military strategists will lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of people and the total destruction of the economic and industrial foundation of the country. The war will sink the country and the entire Middle East into backwardness and turning the whole region into an arena for unbridled American and Islamists terrorism. Iran will become a heaven for a host of armed religious and tribal groups. Such a development will change the face of the Middle East beyond recognition and will bring about major changes to the current balance of power amongst the major economic poles in the world with lasting consequences in the political, ideological and cultural make up of the world.

The reasoning behind the threat of military aggression against Iran has once again put the hypocrisy of capitalism, their politicians and the media on the hot spot. Those very states that, within a few days, before the bewildered eyes of the world, destroyed Iraq - a country of twenty million people- are now posing as the “saviour of world’s peace and security”. The perpetrators of genocides in Vietnam and the only country in the world that has deployed the nuclear bomb against defenceless people in the history of humanity, has suddenly emerged as the defender of the “World Peace” and the “International Rights”. Governments and the bootlicker journalism are hiding these facts from the public. They are preparing the world for a wave of wars and rampant massacres.

Underneath the current war propaganda over the reasons for military strike against Iran, beyond the lies and the fuss of the Iranian and the American governments over the “Nuclear Confrontation” or the “Security of the State of Israel”, the truth about potentially one of the bloodiest wars of the recent times emerges. The conflict and confrontation of the US and Iran is as old as the Islamic Republic (IR). Neither the animosity of the IR towards the US nor the dislike of the US rulers of the IR has the slightest relevance to safeguarding the interests of the people of the US or indeed the just demands of the people of Iran. This is the confrontation of two reactionary powers. In victory or in defeat, the share of the people of both countries will be nothing but misery. The skirmishes between the US and Iran has never been the war of the people of the two countries.

This latest round of the “nuclear confrontation” is not the continuation of the ongoing skirmishes between the US and Iran. Other interests drive this round of confrontation. Whatever necessary, including cutting off drinking water from millions of children in Iraq, daily bombardment of defenceless people and carrying out genocides will be done to pave the way for the establishment of the unrivalled dominance of the US in the world. Two world wars bear testimony to the destructive power of the world capitalism.

The new world order that was supposed to be established in the wake of the collapse of the Berlin wall and the elimination of the Eastern block countries is still unresolved. Two wars against Iraq and the subsequent destruction and massacres and the creation of several axes of evil have yet to lead to the establishment of the supremacy of the US over its economic rivals. “Candidacy” of Iran and the lives of millions of people are to pave the way for this. This blood stained road leads to the New World Order led by the US. The responsibility of such a catastrophe will remain with the US and its allies. If the price for getting rid of dictators and despots and any fascist government is to raze the country, with its people, to the ground then the US, Israel and Britain must have, just for their latest count of crimes in Iraq and Palestine, been levelled to ground hundred times over. Such an inhumane logic and bloody path to pave the road for the advancement of capitalism has no place amongst the freedom seeking people of the world.

The struggle of the people of Iran against the IR is, inherently, for freedom and equality. This is in contrast to the animosity of the US ruling elite against IR. The US assault on Iran is totally against the libertarian movement of the Iranian people.

People of Iran would be the first innocent victims of the US attack. Further to the human causalities, the fight for liberty and equality would suffer a set back and would be forced onto the backburner. Such a war will throw up a whole host of reactionary movements. The war will sideline the current struggles to defend the rights of children, women, workers and students and the equality of all citizens. The war will unleash the reactionary religious and ethnic identities and will set people of “Azeri”, “Persian” and “Kurdish” backgrounds against each other. The ethnic hatred will over run the regional boundaries and will be manifested in the streets of Tehran and other major cities.

The encounter between the reactionaries will unleash all sorts of groups. Ethnic groups have all lined up and are lying in wait. The race for ethnic hatred will start. The war will not be confined to the Islamists and the Americans. People who have never had religious and ethnic identities will be given identity badges and labelled as Shiites, Sonnies, Persians, Baluchies, Arabs, Azeris, and Kurds and will be given missions to avenge the “blood” of their ancestors. Citizens who have lived peacefully together will become foot soldiers of ethnic cleansing.

With the first signs of military threat the IR will intensify the suppression of workers in the workplaces and students in their schools and colleges and the whole population in the streets and neighbourhoods. Sooner or later the whole camp of bourgeois nationalists will line up behind the IR to fight against the “foreigners” and in “defence of the motherland”. The entire bourgeois class will move in to impose an even harsher oppression and destitution on the population. The militarization of the society will also provide the IR with an opportunity to extend and intensify its aggression.

Amidst all these the pathetic and hopeless situation of some of the forces and the Iranian intelligentsia is worth noting. These forces are the imprudent victims of the deceit and hypocrisy surrounding the “nuclear confrontation” and have fallen for and accepted the US and its allies’ “agenda”. They have accepted that the issue at stake is about the nuclear programme and have rallied, to varying degrees, around either the US or the IR.

The nationalist and the Islamic forces that have never occurred to them that health, education, freedom, housing, security and protection from hunger are the undeniable rights of individuals, have suddenly become the staunchest defenders of the “right of the Iranian government to enrich uranium” and the “international rights” of the nations. These forces have either in opposition to US attack have gathered around the “Nuclear rights” of the Islamic reaction or have hang their hopes on the mass killings of the US government to get rid of the “Nuclear Iran”. Such forces have either swallowed the lies of the US propaganda machine or themselves are the architect of such propaganda and lies. These people, in their enthusiasm to defend the “national right” of Iran to become a “nuclear” state, toe the line of the “anti-imperialist” Iran or in their blind animosity towards the IR have become the unpaid foot soldiers of the ruling regime in the US. In any case their main purpose is to serve the reaction.

Attack against Iran is a war against humanity, against the peoples of Iran and the world. This war would be a precursor for the suppressions to come. The war is an ultimatum to the worker movements and the progressive movements around the world. The consequences of this war will not be confined to its direct victims in Iran and the Middle East. This war will set back the world in a number of ways. This horrendous massacre must be stopped. We must not allow people of Iran pay the price of consolidation of the US supremacy. We must not allow the struggles of the people of Iran to go astray and be used to bring about reactionary forces and also to be used for the consolidation of the US imperialism domination of the world. The gory path of US supremacy must be blocked. The workers and communist movements must employ all their resources to unite and mobilise the ranks of the freedom seeking people around the world.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist condemns any US aggression against Iran. We reaffirm that, both in Iran and outside the country, in the forefront of the progressive humanity oppose the US attempt to consolidate its world supremacy at the cost of millions of lives of Iranian citizens. The rights and security of people of Iran is our top priority.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist, in its opposition to the militarism and the imperialistic intentions of the world capitalism, relies on the unity and common purpose of the world working class and the people of world.

We, prior to any nuclear or other rights; consider freedom, equality, happiness, welfare, health, mental and physical well being and cultural liberation as the unassailable rights of the people of Iran. The IR has denied the people of Iran all the above rights and is the cause of all the suppression and oppression in the country. People of Iran are not party to, and have no interest in, this fight over the right to enrich uranium. Our party at the forefront of masses of people in Iran is fighting against the intensification of the Islamic suppression and the militarization of workplaces, universities and schools and fights against the further erosion of their living standard and attacks on their livelihood and security.

We are working to empower people to organise themselves at their places of work and neighbourhoods, to set up local and regional and all-Iran organisations to combat the current crisis. We believe the only way left to the people of Iran is to unite and organise themselves to push back the IR and remove its control over their lives.

We will endeavour, by uniting, organising and empowering people, to prevent the society from falling into chaos and disintegration. Our party has initiated the establishment of the “Freedom Guards”, made up of armed citizens, to defend their security and freedom and stop the country suffering the fate of Iraq and also to assert their own control in their neighbourhoods. We will continue to try to organise people all over Iran and turn the Freedom Guards into an armed organ for people to defend their lives.

Outside Iran, we will rely on the support of the working class, in particular those in the key industries and in the metropolitan countries. Our party will count on the international class solidarity of the workers as a decisive means in the battle against imperialist domination and military aggression and in support of people of Iran. In pursuit of our aims we will approach our natural allies in the west - the working class and the progressive humanity.

The world can not afford to become the backyard of the capitalism and its reactionary states. The working in the West must, once again, exhibit its power by stopping the production, put leash on the unbridled bourgeoisie in their countries. The world without the active intervention of the working class, without the fear of the workers’ power will sink further into a living hell. We must mobilise all our resources to stop and prevent this nightmare.

Worker-communist Party of Iran - Hekmatist May 12, 2006