Repel Islamists attack on freedom of conscience and expression!

The Islamists’ aggression must be opposed!

The Islamic reaction has exploited the publication of a few cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad to intimidate the western press and media and curtail their freedom. With the financial support of Saudi Arabia and the threat of herds of pro Bin laden and Islamic Republic mindless and fanatic thugs have taken on the freedom of expression and conscience in Europe. This offensive must be smashed.

 Crowds of thugs have been set loose roaming around threatening, setting fire to buildings and flags holding the most fundamental freedom and human dignity to ransom. Mosques, religious institutions, schools, diplomats from Muslim and Arab countries have all been mobilised to target the intellectual, cultural and scientific advances and progress of human society.

 There is no sign of a credible front to repulse this barbaric behaviour. Self censorship, self deception and the use of cultural relativism to deceive the public opinion and appease to the reactionaries have all rendered ineffective and have played into the hands of the reactionaries. The issue has now gone well beyond the mere publication of a few cartoons in Danish daily. They have aimed the gun at the governments, international institutions and western media, demanding nothing less than a total political and intellectual surrender and censorship. They are expecting the west, the birth place of Voltaire and Rousseau to behave according to their will, views and beliefs and not to approach the sanctity of the Islamic religious establishment. The retreat and the apology offered by the Danish daily in the face of the Islamic terrorists is a worrying development.

 We all know that retreat in the face of advancing armies of the Islamic thugs will have a catastrophic consequence. We all know that it was the concessions and appeasement that has lead to the rise of the current aggressive and murderous political Islam to take the centre stage. Such dangerous developments are not taken seriously. Regrettably there is not a clear, solid and progressive rank, both in Denmark and other European countries to deal with this situation. The narrow-minded self-interests of the European governments, self-deception of the media and cultural relativism thoughts are all hampering an effective counter offensive. Ordinary people are dazed and bewildered by the terrorists’ threats. On many occasions and in similar situations most European governments have justified these threats against a neighbouring country to protect their own pity interests and hence paving the way for further attacks. The voluntary indifference and immaturity of the leftist and progressive forces in Europe has offered the far right and nationalist forces an opportunity to lead an anti-Islamic counter offensive. There is no room for complacency. We must not give in. We must take up position to defend every bit of political freedom, civil liberty and human progress. If such a fight, in Iran and similar countries, is fraught with insurmountable difficulties, in Europe no efforts should be spared to expose and denigrate the Islamic reaction.

 The world has suffered deep wounds at the hands of the political Islam. The world has sustained enough of the filth and blood by various Islamic currents in its living memory. A mass mobilisation to curtail the nuisance of the Islamists is not a far fetched expectation.


Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

February 2, 2006