International Solidarity in Action

 The courageous struggle of Tehran bus workers against one of the most brutal regimes of our time has galvanised not only the Iranian society but also considerable section of the labour movement, civilised humanity and progressive individuals and organisations. Bus workers have been engaged in a face to face battle with the might of the Islamic Republic and its vicious and aggressive organs of suppression.

 The Bus workers day of action and strike, planned for January 28, were met with the wrath of the Islamic security forces. Islamic thugs raided the homes of all the organisers of the strike and militant bus workers. Workers and their families including children as young as 2 years old were rounded up and thrown into vehicles and taken to prison. By dawn over 1200 workers including a number student activists and sympathisers of the Bus workers were arrested.  

Despite the fear and threat of persecution facing people in Iran the support and sympathy directed towards the Bus workers and their just demands has exceeded most expectations. Although this level of support and solidarity is not yet effective enough to be translated into a meaningful leverage to force the Iranian authorities to back off nevertheless it is heartening to see the enthusiasm and growing open defiance against the authorities.

 If the political situation in Iran does not allow the working class to exercise its power, the extend and depth of support for the bus workers outside Iran has been a welcome development. Numerous labour organisations, trade unions, political organisations, humanitarian and pro-human rights institution and progressive individuals and personalities have all lend their support and solidarity with the Tehran bus workers. From USA to Japan, from Australia to Canada and across Europe in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, UK… letters and messages of solidarity with the bus workers and harsh words and warnings have been directed at the Iranian authorities. The support for the Tehran Bus Workers has now culminated in an International Day of Action, organised for February 15. The support from Global Unions (the ICFTU, the Global Union Federations and TUAC-OECD) and, notably, the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) has generated a movement that is very timely and absolutely necessary given the political situation in Iran. The Iranian government is resorting to all possible means and including its dangerous nuclear politics to suppress the growing labour struggles and popular unrest.

 WPI-Hekmatist on its part extends its sincere gratitude to all those individuals and organisations that at these crucial moments in the history of the working class in Iran stand by them.

 While the Bus workers and their leader, Mansour Ossanlou, are still in jail and their demands yet unmet, we must keep up the pressure to force the Iranian government to give in to the demand of the bus workers to release all the detainees and recognise their right to collective bargaining. Please send your letters to the Iranian President, Mr Mahmud Ahmadinejad at and copy it to