Statement of the Worker-communist party of Iran – Hekmatist in

 Defence of Unconditional Right of Belief and Expression

 The publication of a few cartoons depicting Mohammad the prophet of Islam in several European papers has generated a wave of assaults on the freedom of expression all over the world.  The perpetrators of these assaults are not the Muslim people but terror groups and organisers of anti freedom movements.

 The Islamists intimidation and threats; attacks on embassies and murdering critiques of Islam are part and parcel of a regressive movement aimed at civilised humanity. This onslaught must be opposed and the achievements of humanity safeguarded.

 Defence of freedom of expression and belief can not be expected from movements and forces that whenever their interests are endangered or threatened surrender all the gains of the contemporary civilisation, including respect for human rights, the rights of women and freedom of expression to the reactionary forces. A wave of apology and retreat and prohibition of criticising Islam, in the face of such treats, has already begun. Today criticism of Islam is being suppressed and prohibited, tomorrow will be the turn of critique of any other views, thoughts and religions.

 We believe that the freedom of expression can not be conditional or restricted. No one has the right, under any pretext and excuse, to restrict, curtail or ban the freedom of expression and belief.

 It is incumbent on all individuals and organisations, institutions and political parties that are concerned about freedom of expression and the rights of women and children’s rights to support the content of this statement and  redouble their efforts to protect the unconditional and unrestricted right of expression and belief.


Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist

 March 8, 2006