The statement of the Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist on the Israeli government’s crimes against humanity in Lebanon

A world with a single standard!

The undisputed right of the US and its allies to assault humanity!

The Israel’s war and aggression against the people of Lebanon continues unabated. Under the pretext of taking on the Hezbollah they have plunged the people of a country into death and destruction. Hundreds have perished, thousands injured and millions made homeless. With an unprecedented callousness are asking the Israeli children to sign the bombs that are meant to tear the Lebanese children to pieces. They deliberately attacked and killed four UN officials, the day before the “Rome Conference”, to suppress any dissent and silence any voice and use the outcome of this so called “International” conference as a green light to carry on with their carnage.

This war, at the same time, is an expression of the fascistic and unbridled attitudes of the US and Israel and a manifestation of the extent of hypocrisy and the alienation of the “International Community” from the real interests of the people of the world. North Korea’s missile test is met with resolute condemnation but the Israeli government’s barbaric war against Lebanon and the resulting human catastrophe is given a green light by the “International Community”.

This goes beyond the terms of “double standards”. This is submission of the international institutions to the “single standard” of the US and Israel i.e. the right of aggression against any opponents. This reprehensible world order and its “international” apparatus deserves the strongest condemnation.

This war, contrary to the stated claims, is not about preserving the security of the people Israel against Hezbollah’s terrorist actions. The Israeli government has, for the past forty years, been the main sources of insecurity for the people of the region including the Palestinians, people of Lebanon as well as the people of Israel. This war is not the extension of the Arab and Israeli conflict that has been raging for the past forty years. This is not an attempt to return to the South of Lebanon six years after the Israeli withdrawal. This war is not also the continuation of the war of the two terrorist poles in the aftermath of the Septemer11.

 The current Israeli campaign against Lebanon has taken place against the backdrop of the US war against Iraq and serves the aims and objectives of the US strategy to surge ahead with its plan to establish its “New World Order”. This war is part and parcel of the imperialist attempts and warmongering of an imperialist power determined to reassert its authority and its status as the single world power following the collapse of the soviet unions and the eastern blocks. This war serves the US strategy in its attempt to establish itself as the undisputed super power of the world and reinforces the position of Israel as the regional military bully. This war is a precursor to wider joint US and Israeli plan to impose a costly and fatal war on the region and attack Iran as part of the ongoing “nuclear skirmishes”. Instead of Iran, this war has started from Beirut, Shoaba and Bint Jbil by US and Islamic Republic’s proxies.

With this current war the Israeli government has triggered  the start of a major war that could consume the whole of the Middle East. The compelling interest behind this war is the desire of the US and Israel to reshape the region and the world, following the collapse of the eastern block countries, to serve their interests and create a new “balance and order” to their own advantage. Military bullying and unbridled aggression is a means at the hands of the US and Israel to advance their interests and reinforce their superiority. Such a naked and unbridled aggression and the use of force has now become an integral part of this policy following the ascendancy  of the New Conservatives in the US and Israeli Fascism of Sharon in Israel.

The destructive power of the US and its allies and the might of their war machine is such that it can inflict unimaginable economical, social, political and ideological set backs and plunge the world into a downward spiral to the depth of barbarism. Iraq provides a window to this bloody American “New Order”. A living hell that consumes hundreds of lives every day and demolishes the fabric of the civil society brick by brick. The US ruling establishment needs these wars to reinforce its superiority over its imperialist rivals. The contemporary Imperialist capital needs this kind of barbarism and wars to subjugate the working class and the humanity.

Needles to say that the political Islam in the region and the Islamic Republic in Iran, will attempt, by exploiting the anger and hatred of the masses to reinforce their own position. This war and military atmosphere plays into the hands of the Iranian regime to extend its suppression over the existing movement poised to oust it. The Israeli fascism has historically produced the Islamic fascism.

 This bloody game and the entire reactionary and fascist forces must be thrown away. The international working class and the civilised humanity must unite its ranks and put an end to the US and Israeli warmongering and contain the Islamic provocations. This inevitably will be a step towards the emancipation of the working class and the humanity. There is no other way to end this endless cycle of war and destruction Every communist activist, every labour leader, wherever they are, be it in the war stricken regions or elsewhere, are duty bound to mobilise and organise masses to put an end to this situation. Unless the working class and its leaders and the communists come up with an alternative to move out of this desperate situation the Islamic reaction will present itself as the only source of hope.

The Israel’s war against people of Palestine and Lebanon is a war against the humanity. This war and massacre must stop immediately. The responsibility of this war rests solely with Israel. The Israeli government’s officials must be tried as war criminals. The Israeli army must withdraw from the south of Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories and a sovereign Palestinian state with full and equal rights with Israel must be established.

Such a demand, like the demand for the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and the establishment of a non-religious and a non-ethnic government in Iraq and the overthrow of the Islamic Republic can only come about through the united ranks of masses of people. These forces must be mobilised to put an end to this nightmare.


Worker-communist Party of Iran- Hekmatist

July 27, 2006