No to US Warmongering!

On the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, amidst the current death, destruction and carnage and the catastrophe that has engulfed Iraq, the fear of another war, on a much larger scale with unimaginable consequences which will make the war in Iraq seem like a child’s play is growing. The US is fanning the flame of yet another war, this time against the people of Iran. The US warmongering is not out of compassion for the Iranian people or its desire to stand up to political Islam. Whoever stands in the way of the US government’s interests will be subjected to the wrath of US military might.

At the time when the struggles of the people of Iran against the Islamic Republic is gaining momentum; at the time of escalating labour movement in Iran and at the time when all sections of the Iranian society are gearing up to bring this inhumane regime down and put an end to oppression, execution, stoning and sexual apartheid, the US warmongering is playing right into the hands of the murderous regime in Tehran. The US aggression is a blessing in disguise for the hated Iranian regime.

The civilised humanity can not afford to allow the US government with the support of the likes of Tony Blair to bring death and destruction to the people of Iran and the entire region. This is a dangerous development with horrendous consequences. The US must be stopped. It must not be allowed to interfere with the lives of the people of Iran. People of Iran would be in a better position to get rid of the Islamic Republic without the US meddling. US interference will only help to prolong the rule of the Islamic Republic.

While every efforts must be made to prevent the break out of a war it is of paramount importance that in the process we do not loose sight of the atrocities of the Islamic regime in Iran and do not undermine the struggle of the people of Iran to shake off the menace of the political Islam from their lives. Furthermore it goes without saying that appeasement towards political Islam will weaken the ranks of the anti-war movement and will deprive it from the support of all those who are sick and tired of the Islamic reaction.

Worker-communist Party of Iran - Hekmatist will call on all libertarians and progressive people and organisations to oppose the US warmongering and take the side of the people of Iran and support their struggle to bring down the Islamic regime. Such a war will only serve the interests of the US government and the Islamic regime in Iran.

US stop interfering in the lives of people around the world!
US warmongering prolongs Islamic Republic’s rule!
Long Live International Solidarity!
US Hands off People of Iran!
Down with Islamic Republic!
Long Live Socialism!


Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist
Committee Abroad - March 18, 2006