A delegation from WPI – Hekmatist met with the ILO officials in Geneva to highlight the plight of the Tehran Bus Workers

 Following a series of successful and effective actions and widespread protests against the violent and brutal suppression of the workers of the Tehran and suburb Vahed Bus Company, members and supporters of WPI-Hekmatist and the Worker-communist Party of Iraq staged a demonstration outside the headquarters of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday January 31, 2006. The protesters were wearing T-Shirts carrying the picture of the jailed Bus workers’ leader, Mansour Ossanlou and carried placards in support of the Bus workers and their families.

 A delegation made up of Payam Azar and Mahmoud Rahbari, members of the WPI-Hekmatist, met with the ILO officials and while briefing them on the background to the current dispute between the Bus workers and the Iranian authorities, expressed their deep concern over the arrest of Mansour Ossanlou and other detained activists and protested against the crack down of the bus workers’ legitimate demands. The delegation also presented the following demands to the ILO officials and requested their implementation:


1-      Condemnation of the Islamic Republic for the suppression of the workers of Vahed Bus Company and the ongoing persecution and harassment of the bus workers and their families.

2-      Immediate release of Mansour Ossanlou and all other detainees.

3-      Expulsion of the Islamic Republic’s representation from the ILO

4-      Recognition of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company and other independent workers’ organisations.

5-      Recognition  of the right to collective bargaining for the workers of Vahed Bus Company

6-      Put pressure on the Islamic Republic to respect and recognise the ILO conventions in particular clauses 87 and 98 concerning freedom of assembly.

 The ILO officials responded by saying that they do not have any executive powers but nevertheless they have sent a letter to the Iranian authorities protesting the arrest of Mansour Ossanlou.

Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist will continue with its campaign to put pressure on the Islamic Republic and force it to meet the demands of the workers of Vahed Bus Company.

 Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist Committee Abroad, February 1, 2006