Kurdistan and its role in empowering Communism in Iran

 Interview with Hossein Moradbeigi, Secretary of the Kurdistan Committee of the Worker-communist Party Iran – Hekmatist, on the conclusion of the second assembly of the cadres of the Kurdistan Organisation of the Party.

 KOMONIST:  The second assembly of the council of the cadres of the Kurdistan Organisation of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist was held on December 17 and 18, 2005. Considering the influence and the position of the WPI-Hekmatist in Kurdistan what have been the advancements and the achievements of the Party since the first assembly?

 Hossein Moradbeigi: A year and a few days have passed since our first assembly. It has been a very busy, challenging and difficult year. The WPI-Hekmatist Party managed, against all the odds and in the face of enormous difficulties, to establish itself as a credible and counter current political force distinct from all other forces within the Iranian opposition milieu. This assertion could easily be backed up by our policies and practices. The progress of our Party in Kurdistan should be seen and assessed within this context. We have been very active in Kurdistan. Our activities have taken a new dimension in the past few months through our active engagement and involvement in the one day general strike across Kurdistan on August 5, 2005 –the biggest organised mass protest against the Islamic Republic since 1979. The general strike coincided with a political tour of the region by a contingent from our Kurdistan Organisation led by Abdullah Darabi and Majid Hosseini, prominent and influential communist leaders in the region accompanied by some of the most popular communist military commanders and finally the establishment of the Freedom Guards. Furthermore our active mass campaign for the release of the jailed worker activists and those arrested during the general strike which has lead to the release of a number of them have all placed the Party on an elevated position. A number of other events such as the successful rallies of March 8 and the May Day in the city of Sanandaj, organising of Snow Festivals in support of children in a number of cities and the a rally on the occasion of Children’s Day plus a number of labour disputes and strikes in particular the textile workers, strike in Sanandaj and the Shahoo Textile Plant were all signs of a new vibrant political atmosphere in Kurdistan.

 Our practice during this period once again highlighted the importance and the role of Kurdistan in enhancing communism and empowering left and communism in Iran vis-à-vis the influence and power of communism in Kurdistan. If we look at the Kurdistan Organisation of our Party from this angle we realise that we have generated a heightened expectation of our Party in the society and what we have achieved during this period could only be considered as a starting point, albeit a very positive starting point. Therefore this level of activities in relation to what we need to do is only one step in the right direction for the Kurdistan Organisation of our Party. Kurdistan and in particular the southern part of it must be turned into a bulwark for communism and the next revolution in Iran. Without exaggeration and self-complacency we can accomplish this task. We have the potential and human resources to do so. We have a strong rank of trusted and well-known communist leaders, enjoying popular support amongst the population who look towards them for leadership and direction. We have such an important asset and need to, ceaselessly and tirelessly advance our objectives. The assembly reaffirmed its commitment to the society that it is determined to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles to turn Kurdistan into a gateway to communist power in Iran.

 KOMONIST: What was the main thrust of the policy decisions that were discussed and adopted at the assembly of the council of cadres?

 Hossein Moradbeigi:  Development and expansion of the Freedom Guards in all its aspects; mass expansion of the Hekmatist Party in places of work and residence of workers, toiling masses and the progressive people in all cities and towns across Kurdistan. Organising and leading mass protests and campaigns of defiance against the Islamic Republic. Exposing ethnic and nationalistic sentiments and marginalising the idea of ethnic federalism amongst the working class and progressive people in an attempt to push it aside as an obstacle to the advancement of the left and communism. To initiate and stage an offensive against the Kurdish nationalism and the right wing opposition forces in Iran who are instigating a federalist plan. Facilitating closer contacts between the influential communist leaders of the Hekmatist Party and the people and their re-engagement with the daily struggles in the society. And finally active participation in all the events in all towns and cities across Kurdistan. These were the main headings of the policy directions adopted at the second assembly of the council of cadres that the Kurdistan Organisation of the Party has undertaken to implement. Obviously the political events could unfold much faster than we have anticipated and we need to be ready and proactive to meet the new challenges and if need be to introduce extensive changes to our operations.

 KOMONIST: Do you have a message for the Party activists and sympathisers and the people in Kurdistan?

 Hossein Moradbeigi: I call on workers, women and the freedom loving people of Kurdistan to redouble their struggle against the Islamic Republic. They should seize the initiative from the Islamic Republic. In the past few days the municipality authorities have demolished over 100 dwellings in the Faizabad district of Sanandaj. People of Sanandaj must not allow such things to happen. They should have come out in strength against such a blatant attack on their city dwellers. They must not allow the regime’s mercenaries to enter their districts. They should greet them with rocks and stones. They should make the names of all those who carry out such crimes available to us and publish and distribute them all over the city. A consorted and united counter offensive to such attacks could trigger the start of the downfall of the regime. People of other cities and towns should not stand idle. They should mobilise support for striking workers, organise petitions and dispatch delegates to lend support to all those who have been the target of the regime’s aggression. Our solidarity and unity is the key to pushing back the Islamic Republic. I also call on all workers and labour activists, equality seeking and libertarian women and men and young people to join the ranks of the WPI-Hekmatist. I invite the youth to join the Freedom Guards. Young people can, with those whom they trust, form units of the Freedom Guards. They can contact us and we will give them instructions. The Hekmatist Party desperately needs your financial contributions. Our only source of financial support is our members and supporters. The Hekmatist Party is, without any exaggerations, the only hope of Communism and the left in Iran. Join this Party and together we can overthrow the Islamic Republic and rescue the society from yoke of capitalism.