First Congress of WPI-Hekmatist

 On 21st and 22nd October 2006, the first congress of the WPI-Hekmatist will convene in Germany.

 150 delegates, representing different sections and organisations of the Party will participate in this congress.

 The congress is open to all and those who wish to attend as observers are welcome.This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the Hekmatist Party and meet with the cadres and leadership of the Party.

 All the political parties, organisations and the media are invited to attend the congress. For further information and details please contact:

Javad Aslani:   0044 7813045870,     Asad Nodinian:  0046 736535567,

Khaled Mohammadi:  0046 707485754


Leadership Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran –Hekmatist

July 19, 2006