The danger is very real!

The only way to resolve the nuclear issue is for the people of Iran to overthrow
the Islamic Republic

Fateh Sheikh

 By breaking the seal on the nuclear plant at Natanz and the resumption of uranium enrichment activities, the Iranian authorities embarked on a planned and dangerous game. Attributing this new development to the “stupidity” of the Iranian President, Ahmadinejad, is an act of self-deception with terrible consequences for the people of Iran. This is a calculated move on the part of the Islamic Republic against the West. They have realised that with the outcome of the recent “election” in Iraq and the high oil prices they are in a stronger position against the US and the West. They are weighing their chances to extend and strengthen the rule of Islam in Iran and the region. The outcome of such a political manoeuvring is nothing but more misery for people in Iran and the region.

 The prompt reaffirmation of this policy by Rafsanjani, the Chairman of the “Expediency Discernment Council of Iran” sent a clear message to the western countries that all factions within the Iranian ruling establishment share this policy. The west has got the message and while their options are limited is reacting to this new development. But first and foremost the people of Iran must be aware of the consequences of this round of confrontation between the Islamic republic and the western countries and by adopting a clear, united and bold initiative take the matter into their own hand. This is possible. This is vital. The only constructive and positive way to resolve the current nuclear issue is for the people of Iran to offer their own independent solution; independent of both poles of the conflict and embark on its implementation. The solution is nothing but the overthrow of the Islamic Republic at the hands of the people of Iran.

 A brief assessment of the situation and the different approaches

 The Islamic Republic has emerged as the main victor in the recent “election” in Iraq. The political Islam is to call the shots amongst the main contender for political power in Iraq and play a leading role in the next four years. The fact that current political groupings in Iraq will not be able to come up with a stable government will not diminish the significance of this new development. The current chaos and pandemonium will not harm the significance of the “electoral victory” for the Islamists. On the contrary, the Islamic currents will, amidst the ongoing impasse and prevailing quagmire, extend their influence and authority. The ascendancy of the political Islam in Iraq, just like that of Iran, is the product of abnormal circumstances; dark force, a force emerging from the  lumpenism in the society and thrown into the forefront of politics thanks to the Invasion of Iraq by the US and its allies. This situation has provided the Islamic Republic of Iran with a tramp card in its confrontation with the West over the nuclear issue. The US and the West on the other hand face a dilemma and lack any real options when it comes to dealing with Iran. The Islamic Republic is fully aware of this situation. The US lacks the potential to launch any effective military offensive against Iran. Any localised and targeted attacks on Iran by the US or Israel, will strengthen the hands of the Iranian government vis-à-vis its political opponents and the people. Furthermore the West’s ability to put pressure on Iran by referring it to the UN’s Security Council for possible sanction is hampered.  On top of the reluctance of Russia and China to approve any sanctions, the higher oil prices will seriously limit the West’s desire to impose a sanction on Iran. People of Iran must be very aware of the consequences and the dangers of such a confrontation. The Islamic Republic, the west and Israel are well capable of resorting to the most destructive weapons including the nuclear weapons to settle their differences. It is the ordinary people, from both sides, that have to pick up the pieces and pay the price for this adventurism and subsequent calamity.

The right wing opposition of the Islamic Republic, from the monarchist to the republicans, have adopted a dangerous and irresponsible policy and have sided with the US policy. Within the “left” we are also witnessing a different kind of irresponsibility and equally dangerous policy.  This “left” believes that it is possible to exploit the military conflict between the Islamic Republic and the US and launch a “socialist revolution”. It does not need much of intelligence to realise that any escalation in the current stand off over the nuclear issue will seriously hinder the organising of a simple workers’ protest let alone the revolutionary mobilisation of workers and people. This “leftist” irresponsibility is a fatal opportunism and unfortunately the current leadership of the Worker-community Party waves its banner.

 People of Iran need to follow the political development very closely and take up the task of toppling the Islamic Republic through their organised and conscious endeavour. The key to resolving the current nuclear issue is at the hands of the Iranian people alone and not the US, not the Security Council and not the International Atomic Energy Agency. People of Iran can, by overthrowing the Islamic Republic, remove this threat from Iran and the region. Under the current circumstances the framework of a constructive approach should include the followings:

1-      Firm opposition to any military intervention by the US and Israel which will strengthen the Islamic Republic;

2-      Firm opposition to any economic sanctions which will lead to further economic hardship on people (and not the regime), deepening of destitution and holding the people’s lives and livelihoods to ransom;

3-      United and consorted mobilisation of people, taking over the control of districts and towns from the Islamic Republic forces, disabling the regime’s oppressive forces, constantly changing the balance of power and preparing for insurrection and uprising against the regime at the right time with the aim of total overthrow of the regime and the seizure of power,

4-      Putting pressure on the opposition forces to oppose to any foreign military intervention and economic sanctions and to oblige them to call for the overthrow of the Islamic regime by the people and respect the right of the people to determine their own future political system.

Freedom loving people!

 The current nuclear confrontation is threatening Iran and the region and must be taken seriously. The way out of this crisis is to overthrow the regime. To this end we all need to come to the forth and gather around the banner of “freedom and equality” and around the “Charter for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic” and round the Hekmatist Party.