The following is an English translation of an article; first broadcast in Farsi by “Voice of Women” a radio programme associated with a Swedish based Iranian women’s group- Women’s Network. This article was broadcast in the aftermath of the recent events over the publication of Mohammad’s cartoons. KOMONIST

Fellow Citizens!

 Do not confuse Hezbollah and Islamic thugs with people from Islam stricken countries!

 People in the so-called Islamic countries, in the part of the world that the Western media are keen to label as the “Islamic World”, are the first and main victims of these fascist and criminal gangs.  Within every strand of Islam, from Shiite to Sunni and Wahabis and the rest, there are elements and groups that are bent on enforcing the rule of Islam. Their usual means of achieving this is terror, murder and butchering people. For these thugs every dissident is an enemy of God and doomed. They, long before starting to boycott Danish dairy produce and burn the Danish embassy following the publication of Mohammad’s cartoons, in fact decades earlier,  had embarked on a campaign of terror and destruction of lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the so-called Islamic countries. You may remember Theo van Gogh’s brutal murder but we must spare a thought for numerous writers and artists, too many to name, who have been mutilated and torn to pieces in these Islam stricken communities. Countless publishers, libertarians, labour activists and women from Indonesia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey have perished at the hands of these fascist groups. In these communities death is not only a punishment for producing or publishing unapproved materials, it is also a sentence for reading and catching sights of such materials.

And those who intend to stay alive in such communities must do so under constant fear, must remain obedient and succumb to the medieval laws. In Saudi Arabia, the Islamic authorities still use swords to behead people.  In Iran young communist and atheist girls are gang raped prior to their execution to make sure that an innocent virgin has not been executed. These creatures use drawing pins to stick hijabs into the skulls of those whose hijabs do not conform with strict Islamic codes.

 Now that you, with your own eyes, have witnessed the destructive power of these people, you must appreciate what the ordinary people in those communities go through. If these fanatics can force government ministers of major European states to repent and apologise for the “crimes” of their citizens to exercise their right of expression, they surely can force defenceless people from their communities, people deprived and denied of any organisations, trades unions and political parties, into total submissionDo not confuse Hezbollah with people from Islam stricken countries!

 But beware and do not believe, for one moment, that those governments that have apparently been forced to take a stance against these criminals are defenders of freedom and human rights! Do not confuse the people of Denmark and Norway with their right wing governments! Do not allow, in pursuit of your desire to defend freedom of expression, to be drawn into supporting the leaders of the right wing governments of Denmark and similar countries, or even worse in defence of the right wing press! These are the very governments that despite the biggest protest in the history of humanity invaded Iraq and have killed tens of thousands of civilians and occupied that country. These governments have sent their troops to Iraq to guard the Shiite Hezbollah in the south of Iraq and the Sunni Hezbollah from Baghdad to the north to help them impose the rule of Hezbolah. It is a big mistake to think that Mr Rasmussen’s government is a democratic government.  A major part of Mr Rasmussen s’ Party manifesto was directed at stopping asylum seekers from entering Denmark and to further curtail the right of the black citizens of Denmark. Their victory was made possible mainly due to the mass campaign and support afforded to them by Jyllands-Posten.

 Jyllands-Posten is an old Danish Paper with a fervently pro-Nazi Germany history and campaigned to establish a fascist government in Denmark. Contrary to its claim to be a “liberal” paper it is in the fold of the “Neo Liberal” thinking, staunchly pro unbridled capital exploitation and against any state and elected organs intervention in the social life of citizens of Denmark. This paper is a thousand times more anti-workers and ordinary people than it is against Hezbollah and Islam.  


 The real content of the current conflict between these two sides is about forcing us to recognise and accept their authorities. They want us to accept the Islamic murderers as the representatives of the so called “Islamic World” and George Bush and Rasmussen as the representatives of the “Free World”. Hezbollah is trying to establish itself as the undisputed leader of the “Islamic World” and needs to convince people that in the west they are all like Bush and Blair: there is no worker, not a progressive movement, no libertarians and no one to rely on. Bush and his henchmen too have vested interest in persuading people in the West that people from the east are all like Bin laden; there is no worker, not a toiling sole, not a progressive movement or a potential ally. The Danish State and establishment are deliberately portraying the victims of Hezbollah- young girls born in Denmark and forced by their parents to wear Islamic dress- as Hezbollah and subject them to harassment and intimidation. The ruling classes of the “free world” are brainwashing their own people to hate whoever lives in the so called Islamic world. Both sides are busy at work preparing the minds of people under their control to buy into their policies. The Islamic states and criminal thugs want the people under their control to view people living in the west as collaborators and accomplices in the crimes of their governments.. They do so to justify bellowing up schools buses and people travelling on public transports. They want to drive a wedge between people of the world.

Pay attention to what they feed you on your TV screens! Why is that when the Western leaders want to apologise to the Muslim people of world they dispatch their delegations to meet with King of Saudi Arabia? The very ruler who, in the service of the prophet of Islam, orders the beheading of his subjects.  And why not? If people in the West see those living in the East in the same light as the Hezbollah no one will object to the next invasion and will not oppose to the creation of fortress Europe. They want people in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq and US, Britain and Scandinavia to forget that these murderers were directly trained and armed by the CIA and the so-called free Western world. And at the time when refugees were fleeing from these murderers, the western countries, including the so-called social-democratic governments were hastily selling arms and weapons to the “Islamic countries”.

 Workers of the world!

These events are part and parcel of the new world order and the war of the terrorists. We the workers and the toiling masses are one big family. Our liberation and emancipation depends on the unity and solidarity of all of us from every colour, creed, race, religion and ethnicity. We can not side with any of these two camps. We are against both camps. Do not join this unholy war. Do not put your fate in Mohammad or in Jesus. Trust your own power. We must unite and fight against this world order and those who sustain it. George Bush and Rasmussen’s faith may be different from that of King Adbullah and Ahmadinejad; jihad with Phosphoric bombs and napalms may be more advanced than jihad with daggers and suicide bombers, but the object of their unholy war is us. Their divine being is Capital and the message of all their prophets is our subjugation and exploitation. They are well aware that our unity is their death.