The statement of the Worker-communist Party of Iran -Hekmatist on the United Nations Security Council’s resolution to impose sanctions against Iran

Diplomacy or Weapons of Mass Destruction!

The United Nations Security Council on December 23 unanimously adopted a resolution against the Islamic Republic for failure to halt its uranium enrichment programme and has imposed a number of economic and commercial sanctions. This resolution is apparently a diplomatic attempt to limit the Iranian government’s ability to acquire nuclear weapons.

At the same time the UK government openly and officially outlined its plan to spend over £20bn in the next 30 years to upgrade and expand its nuclear capabilities and develop a new generation of submarines for Trident missiles. The excuse for this vast and public investment to build nuclear weapons by the British government was given as insecurity and the threat of terrorism!

The UN resolution has nothing to do neither with global security nor with combating the threat of the Islamic terrorism. The proposed economic sanction can not serve as a weapon against the reactionaries and he UN and its security council are appropriate agencies to preserve the world peace. The UN and the Security Council in the past two decades have only served to rubber stamp the US and UK governments’ policies. The recent resolution to impose economic sanction against Iran is an extension of Bush and Blair’s policies to impose their inhumane order and exercise their military bullying in the world; the same policy that through its economic sanction condemned millions of Iraqi children to death for the lack of food, water and medicine. The same policy that has lead to the complete destruction of the Iraqi society and has plunged that country into a quagmire of mass killings and miseries. Thanks to this policy the only development in Iraq has been the resurgence and the growth of the Islamic reaction and the sectarian and tribal killings.

The economic sanction against Iran, whether real or nominal is yet another Weapon of Mass Destruction and will only bring deprivation and destitution to the people of Iran and must categorically be condemned by all the progressive people, organisations and political parties around the world. The mere news of this sanction has already exacerbated the hardship, poverty and cost of living. Furthermore, this sanction will undermine the efforts of the vast majority of people in Iran who have been trying to get themselves rid of the Islamic regime and plays into the hands of the authorities to intensify heir suppression. The economic sanction is a Weapon of Mass Destruction against the people of Iran and serves to prolong the rule of the Islamic Republic and as such must strongly be condemned by all.

Such a filthy and hypocritical policy of the United Nations, the Security Council, Bush and Blair which under the pretext of fighting terrorism and dictatorship deprive millions of people from their livelihoods and drop tons of bombs on defenceless people and at the same time shamelessly spend billions of pounds to expand their nuclear arsenal must be unequivocally condemned . This inhumane and immoral policy has nothing to do with people’s struggle for liberty and equality. This is not diplomacy; this is an open war against the defenceless people. People of Iran and indeed the world do not need these self appointed gendarmes and bullies of Bush and Blair kind. The people of Iran do also do not need criminals like Ahmadinejad and Khamenie who thrive on such diplomacies. This world order needs an overhaul in order to emancipate the humanity from the yoke of reactionaries.

Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist December 27, 2006