Open call to all workers, trade unions and workers’ organisations, and all freedom-seeking people


Demand the release of all those arrested in Iran


 In a response to the spontaneous protests that have been taking place throughout the country in the last few days, the Islamic regime in Iran has apprehended hundreds of people. The most recent wave of attacks has been very focused and direct, with the Islamic Security Forces raiding homes and workplaces and taking people to secret locations.

 Students have been targeted and in the last 72 hours alone, dozens have been taken in planned raids, and there is no news of their well beings or their whereabouts.

 The Islamic Republic’s record of imprisonment, torture, executions and summary trials is well known to all. The authorities in Iran have never needed an excuse to apprehend and imprison anyone whom they considered to be opposing the Islamic Republic, but now they are using the protest actions as an opportunity to broaden their repressive rule. Moreover, presently, the heads of the government and all the ruling spokespersons of the Islamic Republic have openly declared that the protesting masses are “a tiny minority”, “agents of foreign governments”, …., and they intend to teach a lesson to the protesting people in Iran. In other words, the fate of anyone arrested has in effect been decided already.

 Today, it is crucial that the Islamic Republic faces such a broad international pressure against its atrocities, and that the Islamic regime authorities are forced to release those arrested. We call on all of you to intensify your efforts, and in solidarity with the people in Iran, put pressure on the Islamic Republic to release all those apprehended.

 Aman Kafa

 Worker-communist Party of Iran (Hekmatist – Official Line) – Organisation Abroad

4 January 2018