Communiqué on the foundation of the

 Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist


We, the undersigned, hereby announce the foundation and the launch of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist.

 Following the recent developments within the WPI we were forced to organise the worker-communism movement in the form of another Party committed to upholding the traditions of the worker-communism and Mansour Hekmat’s line.

 The Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist (WPI-Hekmatist) is a Marxist Party committed to organising the working class’s social revolution to overthrow the capitalist system and establishing a new society based on the economic and social equality, political freedom and the material and moral development of the humanity. Our Party is upholding the worker-communism movement and the outlook and methods developed by Mansour Hekmat and hence considers itself Hekmatist.

 WPI-Hekmatist is an Internationalist Party and strives to forge workers’ international solidarity. WPI-Hekmatist is duty bound to defend and safeguard the interests of the workers world wide and realise its internationalist goals.

 In Iran, the WPI-Hekmatist struggles to organise the working class into a credible and powerful social and political force, establish the workers’ state i.e. a socialist republic and delivering and implementing our programme “For A Better World”. The overthrow of the Islamic Republic is one of the pre-conditions of achieving this.

 The formation of a modern, social and mass communist party in Iran is fundamental to conquering the political power as the pre-condition to organise (and lead)  the workers social revolution.

 The WPI-Hekmatist calls on all communist workers and those fighting for freedom and equality to join our ranks.


August 24, 2004.

 Signed 46 members and co-opted members of the WPI.