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The Fourth Plenum of the Central Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

The Fourth Plenum of the central committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist was held from 14 to 16 April 2006. A delegation from the leadership of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq had been invited. The proceedings started with a minute silence in commemoration of all those who had fallen in the path of socialism and freedom and in memory of Mansour Hekmat.

The Plenum agreed the procedure to conduct the plenum and the following agenda:

1- Report – assessment of the Party’s activities since the previous Plenum 2- Re-organisation of the leadership organs to meet the current requirements of the Party 3- The political situation in Iran, the threat of war and the Party’s policy 4- The situation of the movement to overthrow the regime, the leftist forces and our position 5- The working class movement and the Party’s policy 6- The Situation in Kurdistan and our immediate tasks 7- Our policy on stationing our forces in Iraqi Kurdistan 8- Policy towards Komala and the nationalist forces in Iranian Kurdistan 9- Our policy towards the international leftist and communist forces 10- The Party’s first congress 11- Resolutions and memoranda 12- Election

On the first item of the agenda, report to the plenum, Koorosh Modaressi, the secretary of the Central Committee (CC), Rahman Hossienzadeh Deputy Secretary of the CC and Fateh Shaikh the Chair of the Political Bureau and the secretaries of the main committees and organs of the Party presented their reports and dealt with questions concerning the progress of the party since the third plenum. The reports while focusing on the advances of party highlighted the lack of preparedness and the ability of the party to respond to challenges of the present critical political situation in Iran.

The Plenum while approving the assessments presented called for raising the awareness at all levels of the party, in particular the central organs and called on the party’s cadres to prepare themselves for the new political developments in Iran.

On the issue of restructuring the leadership organs to deal with the needs of the current situation, the Plenum adopted the plan proposed by Koorosh Modarresi . The new plan is aimed at providing a more focused and yet flexible leadership and integrate decision making and executive elements of the party into the political bureau. This plan allows for the political bureau to elect, from its membership, a Leadership Committee under the auspices of the Party Secretary (leader of the party). This plan was unanimously approved.

The common theme of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th items on the agenda of the Plenum was to analyse and discuss the consequences of the possible US attack against Iran and its impact on the political development in Iran, the working class movement, the leftist forces, the situation in Kurdistan and finally the actions and stance of the left and right wing forces. The Plenum discussed these issues at length and managed to derive important conclusions.

The Plenum also approved a resolution calling for adopting a series of articles published by Koorosh Modarresi entitled “Nuclear crisis or Crisis with a nuclear pretext” as the base document over nuclear issue.

The Plenum run out of time and was not able to discus items 7 and 9 and they were referred to the political bureau for consideration.

The Plenum also agreed to hold the party’s first congress before the end of the current year and also agreed on the procedure to elect the delegates to the congress.

A number of resolutions, amongst those submitted to the Plenum, were also debated and adopted. The resolutions and the discussions of the fourth Plenum will be published in the party’s publications.

The Plenum unanimously elected Koorosh Modarresi to the post of the secretary of the Central Committee (Party Leader). According to the newly adopted plan the leader of the party is also member of the political bureau. The Plenum elected a further 20 people to complete the twenty one member political bureau. The elected members are: Azar Modarresi, Asad Golchini, Asad Nodinian, Azam Kamguian, Aman kafa, Iraj Farzad, Bahram Modarresi, Soraya Shahabi, Hossein Moradbeigi (Hameh Soor) Khaled Haj Mohammadi, Rahman Hosseinzadeh, Saleh Sardari, Abdullah Darabi, Fateh Sheikh, Koorosh Modarresi, Mozafar Mohammadi, Majid Hosseini, Mohammad Fatahi, Mahmoud Ghazvini, Mosrafa Asadpour, Nasan Nodinian.

The Plenum concluded its proceedings with the concluding speech by Koorosh Modarresi and with the signing of the Intrnationale.

At the first meeting of the political bureau, held immediately after the Plenum, Fateh Sheikh was unanimously elected as the chair of the Political Bureau. Also a Leadership Committee made of 10 members was elected. The members of the Leadership Committee are: Asad Nodinian, Aman kafa, Bahram Modarresi, Soraya Shahabi, Hossein Moradbeigi (Hameh Soor) Khaled Haj Mohammadi, Rahman Hosseinzadeh, Abdullah Darabi, Koorosh Modarresi, Nasan Nodinian. According to the new plan the secretary of the Central Committee will also assume the post of the secretary of the Leadership Committee. Finally Koorosh Modarresi nominated Rahman Hosseinzadeh as the deputy secretary of the party and his nomination was put to vote and he was unanimously elected to the post of deputy secretary of the Party.

Central Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist April 18, 2006