An Important Event In a Turbulent And Critical Time

Azam Kamguyan

The first congress of our party will be held on October 21 and 22, 2006 in Germany. Our first congress would be the manifestation of our position and a reflection of our achievements to date and we will make sure that it would be a great and a splendid occasion. Further to the policy decisions this congress must strengthen the Party’s relation with the society and make it accessible to the masses of people. We need to facilitate the ever greater involvement and participation of people in the proceedings of the congress. We must turn this congress into a vehicle and a venue for the friends and supporters of our party to get to know the Hekmatist Party. During these two days the members and the activists of Party as well as other communists and libertarians will in this highest gathering try to debate and discuss the political development in Iran and exchange views and make decisions. Our congress is a place to decide on the most effective way of materialising such aspirations.

The truth is that all the bridges behind us have been destroyed and there is no place to hide and keep busy as a small and marginalised organisation. Active intervention in shaping the political development in Iran for better and creating a better world is now demanded from us. This congress is an important event at a critical and decisive juncture for the Iranian society.

We have spent the past two years to restate and reaffirm our determination and desire to continue with our struggle. The humanist and uncompromising outlook in representing an different kind of communism and our presence and the ability to organise in Iran, our deep hostility with all expressions of reaction of our Party has attracted the attentions of large sections of the freedom seeking and revolutionaries in Iran. Our party, during the past two years and with over 25 years of experience and political tradition has proven to a large section of the society that we are well capable of leading the movement for freedom and equality and build a better world.

It is not too difficult to imagine what the world of politics; attempts to alleviate the sufferings of the people, the power of people and the position of the left in Iran would have been without our presence and activities? Those who are seeking a way to rid themselves from the menace of the Islamic regime should be reminded of the need to strengthen this party. We need to draw the attention of people to their party’s congress.

The ceaseless work and efforts of the cadres and leaders of the Hekmatist party in the past two years has reinforced this idea the “the future is a blank template that the living people of today can, with their conscious effort, shape it. The human will makes history” We in a very short space of time, in the face of great adversities and empty handed have managed to build a large party. On our split from the Worker-communist Party of Iran, we resolved to redouble our efforts and embark on monumental tasks. With our only assets, a large number of communist leaders and cadres we have build a radical and credible Party with clear and robust policies and a robust determination to play a vital role in political struggle in Iran. We have so far realised some of our unresolved plans and aspirations. We have founded the Freedom Guards under the leadership of the communists: we have a permanent presence in Iran: our organisational and political influence has grown and we are now a well established Party in Iran. And now as we approach our first congress the news of the launch of our daily TV channel. All these achievements are exciting and exhilarating.
Workers, women, young people and all libertarians!
We invite you to join this gathering of a large number of communists and meet with the members and activists of the Hekmatist Party. Come and join our debates and discussions and find out about our decision making process and mechanisms. We have made every effort to facilitated your participation. Contact us and come to our congress and play your part in shaping an important event in this turbulent and critical time.