To: German Ambassador in London

“The world is watching the actions of the German government”

Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi must be put on trial for crimes against humanity

Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi is in the city of Hanover, Germany. Shahroudi is a long standing member of the Islamic Republic. He is the chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council of the System, a Marja', a former member of Islamic Dawa Party of Iraq, ex-leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, Head of Iran's Judiciary for ten years, until 2009. Shahroudi’s crimes in suppression, imprisonments, executions, and …. as a supreme decision maker of the Islamic Republic are far too well-known to all.

Upon the news of his presence in Germany, there has been a wave of protest actions, calling for his arrest and trial for crimes against humanity. The German government, in pursuit of its relations with Iran, will undoubtedly use all it means to brush this under carpet. Their current excuse has already faced a broad resistance, when the authorities claimed that unless the crimes have taken place in Germany, or the claimants are German, Shahroudi is free from any prosecution. In other words, the fact that millions in Iran have been subjects of his crimes, the fact that thousands of millions across the world have witnessed Shahroudi’s Islamic Republic crimes, are all very clear to the German government, but yet, they intended to call these as irrelevant, unless the claim is made by a German!!

The German authorities have presently been forced to open the process, by inviting statements from those who have complaints against Shahroudi. Pressure must be maintained on the German government, so that this process is not cut short, and he is tried for all his atrocities. Shahroudi should not be allowed to walk free from all this. The German authorities, and the Islamic Republic, must not be allowed to set him free from justice. Shahroudi is no different to Pinochet who was arrested and put on trial for his crimes few years ago.

We are voicing the demand of all those who miraculously escaped from executions, all those to have lost their loved ones under his rulings and actions in Iran, all those who deplore crimes against humanity, that Shahroudi is put on trial for his atrocities. If Shahroudi is allowed to escape justice, if the German government does let him return to Iran, then the German authorities will be considered as collaborators with the Islamic Republic, and held responsible for allowing Shahroudi to continue his crimes against humanity.

At the time when the Islamic Republic’s response to mass protests has been nothing other than openly attacking, apprehending and imprisoning people in Iran without any news of their well-beings or even their whereabouts, the world is also very closely watching the actions of the German government.

Aman Kafa
Hekmatist Party (Official Line) – Organisation Abroad
7 January 2018