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To/  General Secretariat of Interpol

Re/  protest against your cooperation in the plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran against its opponents


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are aware that due to the request of the state court of Iran in Sanandaj, the Interpol has published the photos of some people and announced them under the list of “terrorists” and “organised crimes”. This might lead to arresting and possibly handing them over to the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).

We have been shocked by hearing the news and seeing the posters. We are terribly astonished by your involvement in representing a regime which the European countries have definitively admitted that it has a massive record in violating the human rights. Besides, that regime is guilty of killing myriad opponent persons during the last 30 years. You might be aware that the regime executed Ehsan Fatahian on 10th.November 2009 because of his political activities. Furthermore, it recently on 17/12/2009 executed Muslih Zamani because he had a love relationship. Tens of the demonstrators who protested the re-election of Ahmadi Najad were killed, imprisoned, tortured, humiliated and/or executed. It is regrettable that you disregarded the crimes of that barbaric regime and you cooperated blindly with it against its political opponents and thus you have become a tool in the hands of the oppressive foundations of the regime which cannot reach its opposition abroad.

We closely know these persons whose photos you published: Ali Abdaly, Rasool Bnavnd; Rahmat Fatehi, Abdullah Darabi, Asad Golchini, Khaled Haj Mohammadi, Rahman Hosseinzadeh, Koorosh  Modaressi, Mozaffar Mohammadi, Tofiq Pir-Khezri, Saleh Sardari and Salam Ziji. These are leadership members and active members of a communist party. They have, in thirty years, devoted their lives to freedom of people and defending the rights of workers and the deprived people of Iran. All of them were threatened to be imprisoned or executed and could not stay in Iran and consequently live in European countries. We also know that the IRI is guilty of killing tens of the members of the opposition parties in Iraqi Kurdistan, which is the region of our activity, in the past 18years. In addition, the pro-Iran Islamic organisations in Iraq and Kurdistan and even the Itlaat (the intelligence) and Qarargai Ramazan(which is responsible for all military activities in the west part of Iran) themselves have assassinated many political activists from Left, Communist and democratic movements. In 18/04/1998, two high profile members of Worker-communist Party of Iraq (Shapoor Abdulqadir and Qabil Adil) were killed by pro-Iranian Islamic terrorist organizations in the city of Erbil(North Iraq). In 14/07/2000 the terrorist foundations of the IRI, in cooperation with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan whose leader is Jalal Talabni the to-date president of Iraq, killed five members of the mentioned Party as well. Furthermore, in July 2004 the Islamic terrorist army(Mahdy Army which belongs to Muqtada Sadir who has a very strong relationship with Iran authorities) assassinated (Muhammad Abdulrahim) a journalist and a member of the same party in the city of Kut(Central part of Iraq).

To oppress its opponents, the IRI has always fabricated accusations against them such as “terrorists”; “trading narcotics” and “killings” just to be able to prosecute them and condemn them to the most severe punishment. This is a characteristic of any despotic regime like the IRI. The Saddam’s regime, with which we have experiences for many years, executed so many political opponents under the excuse of being “criminal”; “killers” and “evil”.

It is really shame that your institution, at once and without any investigation and due to the request and decision of the IRI, has accused those who devoted all their lives to struggle against the organised terrorism of the IRI as “criminal” and “terrorists”. This deed of you will reduce your consideration as an international institution and will make you a part of the oppressive machine of the IRI.

We ask you not to be an executer of the plans of the IRI which itself has a black profile of oppression and organised terrorism inside and outside Iran. We ask you to:

1.      Withdraw your arrest warrant, ask for apology from the persons and compensate them for disgracing them and accusing them as “terrorists” and “criminals”.

2.      Formally declare your responsibility for protecting those persons whose lives have faced with danger as a result of your deed.

3.      Interrogate the institution of the IRI which conducted you to that fault against the political activists and the opponents of the IRI.


I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible

Yours Faithfully,

Muhsin Karim

In charge of the Abroad Committee

Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan (Iraq)