Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist (Official Line)

Terror Attack in Paris

The criminal attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the savage murder of its staff and journalists cannot but be unequivocally condemned by all and everyone who values humanity.

Regrettably this recent mass murder has become part and parcel of daily life across the globe. In recent months we have witnessed the massacre of students in Pakistan; the terrorist attack in Sydney;   the abduction of girl students in Nigeria by Boko Haram; the recent fatwa against writers in Algeria and the suicide attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

This round of horrific cycle of murder and devastation, the era of “post ISIS”, is not simply a development aimed at curtailing neither the freedom of expression nor a series of events within the domain of peoples’ religious beliefs or plainly atrocities stemming from the rise of fundamentalism.

Needless to say that Islam is the religion of women submission and slavery; bloodshed and brutality; blind revenge and anti-joy and happiness. For over thirty years Iran has been the scene of the unbridled rule of Islam. Death awaits those who dare to mildly criticise Islam and its messenger. The rise of political Islam, this weapon of mass destruction that has destroyed countless lives and has intimidated people in all corners of the world, is the direct product of rivalry and antagonism amongst the industrial and modern powers in the West. The rivalry of world powers manifests itself in proxy wars in battlefields of Iraq, Libya and Syria fanned and funded by NATO, USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey of course in the guise of ISIS and under the banner of Islam.

It is simplistic to presume that the arena of war and carnage will be confined to Iraq, Syria and Libya. Furthermore it is also naïve to assume that other junior regional forces and movements will not enter the fray.

The current state of affair in the Middle East, North Africa and other corners of the world is the legacy of the West’s triumph in the cold war. The race to kill and destroy is no longer the preserve of the main powers. ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaedeh and other Jihadi forces and gangs are vying for their share of power.

Sadly as a result of the Charlie Hebdo massacre racism and anti-foreigners sentiments has been boosted and has poisoned the political environment. Gangs of extreme right groups are exploiting this incident and taken to the street. This is a bleak development facing the humanity.

The world is in urgent need of socialism.

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist (Official Line)
January 8, 2015