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Campaign in condemnation of the government in Turkey and in support of Kobane

The Islamic State (IS) on one side, and the government in Turkey on the other, have tightened their siege on Kobane. The Government in Turkey is impatiently awaiting the fall of Kobane. The air raids of NATO and the despatch of small unit of Kurdish Regional Government are merely a show; they are attempts to silence the cries of the freedom seeking people and are intended to hijack the achievements of people of Kobane under the pretext of fighting the IS.

Despite the international support for the resistance of women and men of Kobane against the terrorist and ultra-reactionary IS, today Kobane is more alone than ever.

The savage attacks of the IS, together with the collaboration of the government of Turkey, can only bring about the fall of Kobane if the free and civilised humanity of the world is silent.

Today, by putting political, social and international pressure on the government of Turkey, and by making the government of Erdoqan sorry for its collaboration with the IS, to end the political and economical blockade of Kobane is a historical necessity.

The exertion of a unified international pressure of personalities, parties and organisations and the freedom seeking and humanitarian people, on the government of Turkey can tip the balance of power in favour of the Kobane and the defenders of freedom and humanity.

This is a call to everyone, particularly in Europe and the Middle East, to prepare a social movement against the government of Turkey and its reactionary policies; a call in support of the people of Kobane.

The Hekmatist Party calls upon all organisations, radical personalities, unions and all freedom seeking people to stage a common effort  against the government in Turkey and in support of the people of Kobane.

In the next days, weeks and months, let’s hand in hand stage protests actions in front of the main offices, embassies and consulates of Turkey, and put pressure on the Western governments and the international community, and condemn of the reactionary policies of government in Turkey to show that Kobane is not alone!

Hekmatist Party (Official Line) – Organisation Abroad

13 December 2014

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