In Support of People of Kobane and Condemnation of Turkish Government

The heroic resistance of people of Kobane is under threat from the savage attacks of the Islamic State (IS) forces and the blockade of the area by the Turkish forces. The Turkish government and the ultra-reactionary regional powers are all conspiring to crush this glimmer of hope for sanity and humanity in a region ravaged by the savagery of reactionary forces.

The limited air strikes by the NATO forces while its most powerful regional power, Turkey, is openly supporting IS and strangling people of Kobane, is a hypocritical effort to silence international outcry against IS forces and their backers.

We the undersigned strongly condemn Turkish government for its collaboration with the IS forces and its criminal policy of preventing humanitarian aid to reach the people of Kobane. We call on concerned international institutions to condemn Turkey for its part in the war against people of Kobane. 




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