Against the conspiracies of the Turkish government
and in defence of the people of Kobane

The Turkish government alongside the Islamic State (IS) forces are tightening their siege of Kobane!

The IS forces are using the long borders of the areas they control along the Turkish borders to lay siege on the canton of Kobane. While the hypocritical US and NATO led coalition forces claim to be fighting the IS, the other member states of the coalition, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, are openly continuing with their financial and military support for the IS. Among these member states, the Turkish government has gone furthest, and despite worldwide indignation is engaged in criminal conspiracies against the people of Kobane.

The Turkish government has allowed free movement of goods, logistics and military hardware to the IS forces at the same it has completely closed any border access, through its common borders, to the citizens of Kobane. The Turkish government shamelessly prevents any support intended to reach citizens of Kobane, men, women, children and elderly who are defending their lives and integrity against the savagery of the IS. A number of people have been killed at the hands of the Turkish border forces attempting to reach Kobane.

Very recently the Turkish government conspired with the IS forced and allowed them to move an explosive laden vehicle through its border with Kobane resulting in the death and injuries of a large number of civilians.

It is now very evident that the Erdoqan government is bent on strangling the resistance in Kobane that has become a symbol of humanity and resistance against the barbarism of the IS and all its international backers including Turkey.

The heroic resistance of armed people of Kobane and units of armed women defence forces has proven that the IS forces alone are not able to defeat the people of Kobane. The fall of Kobane is only possible through the conspiracies, interventions and collaboration of the Turkish government and the IS. The civilised and conscious humanity must stand against such a clear criminal act!

Disappointed by the failure of its lackey, the Free Syria Army, to topple Bashar Al Assad, the government in Turkey has for some time now, been pursing its objectives through collaboration with the IS in order to eliminate its neighbouring competitor and establish a friendly Islamic state in Syria. This much is plain for all to see. Such an objective of the government in Turkey must be opposed, as it brings about a much darker perspective than the current status quo in the region, and Syria in particular.

Those leading the resistance and struggle of the people of Kobane have estimated that the people of Kobane cannot survive very long with their current levels of food, water and fuel. Currently, in addition to the armed defenders, there are thousands of men, women and children residing in Kobane, and are living in a city that is under constant attack at the hands of the IS fighters and have to endure the siege of their city by Turkish armed forces.

The people of Kobane have called on the international community to facilitate opening of a humanitarian assistance and dispatch a delegation of international observers to investigate the situation in Kobane and help to provide the people of Kobane with food, drinking water and medical supplies.

Such basic demands can only become possible if the siege of Kobane by the tanks of the Turkish army is lifted. The weight of the public opinion across the world, the protests and demands of the working class and freedom seeking people internationally, can and must force the government of Turkey to remove the obstacles that are hindering the implementation of the demands of the people of Kobane! The libertarian people across the world are today faced with an historic responsibility, the fight against the economic and military siege perpetrated with the support of the government of Turkey against children, women and men of Kobane.

The Hekmatist party condemns the government of Turkey for its collaboration with the IS to bring about the fall of Kobane. The IS would not be able to survive, had it not had the financial and military assistance of the NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Today, it is the government of Turkey that is leading the rank of the reactionary states in the war against the people of Kobane.

The Hekmatist party is calling on everyone to redouble their efforts and protest against the Turkish government for its clampdown and suppression of the movement to support the struggle of the people of Kobane and for blocking movement into and out of Kobane as well as condemning its continued financial and military support for the IS.



Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist (Official Line)
9 December 2014