Murder is the response of the Cambodian government to the striking textile workers!

On January 3, 2014, the gathering of the Cambodia textile industry workers in the city of Phnom Penh was militarily attacked, killing at least three and injuring tens of protestors.

After violently turning the protest of the Cambodian textile workers for pay rises into bloodshed, the Phnom Penh police “proudly” declared that the security had then been restored!

The Cambodian textile industry, which is internationally renowned for its high degree of profitability, employs hundreds of thousands workers in horrendous working conditions, and an average monthly wage of about €58. Here the Cambodian government and its police force silence workers to ensure the daily flow of millions of Euros to the pockets of the multinational companies and national investors.
The Cambodian police and the ruling government are proud of securing the companies’ profits by injuring and murdering workers whose only crime was breaking their silence and demanding pay rises to a meager €116 a month.

The Cambodian working class must not leave this officially committed crime and murder without an appropriate response. Not only the murderers and criminals who opened fire on workers and their ranks, but also the decision makers (the government of the ruling class in Cambodia), they all must be put on trial. Those injured must receive appropriate medical treatment, and all workers and their family who suffered must be compensated.

Supporting the Cambodian textile workers is the duty of the working class across the world and the working class in Iran.
The Hekmatist Patry expresses its deepest condolences to the bereaved families in Phnom Penh and considers the struggle of textile workers in Cambodia as its own struggle.


Long live the unity and solidarity of workers across the world!

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist


January 4- 2014