On the passing of Bob Crow


On March 11, 2014, BC the distinguished communist leader of the working class in Britain died, at the age of 52,  following a heart attack. Judging by the reaction of his class enemies, Bob was the fieriest defender of the rights of the working people in the recent past. His union, the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union was the most vibrant and successful trade union in Europe. During the current economic crisis, at the time when the capitalists had inflicted severe austerity and poverty on the working class, the  RMT under the leadership of Bob Crow had managed to secure improved wages and condition for its members and witnessed a rapid growth in membership. In the best tradition of communist leaders, Bob Crow while fighting for his fellow workers in Britain, was a staunch opponent of the unbridled US and the West’s military aggression in the world and particularly in the Middle East.

His fellow workers saw him as a brave and uncompromising leader; a communist and a true working class warrior. He was known as a shining star of the trade union movement not only in Britain but across the world. Eulogies left after his death speak volumes for the loss of the much loved and admired workers’ leader. Bob Crow’s popularity and integrity forced his sworn class enemies to bow to him and admit to his integrity, tireless work and unblemished record as a union leader.

As a working class leader he was well aware of the need to unite the working class and in 2007 called for building a Communist Party to take on the establishment.

Bob Crow’s name as a courageous and militant working class leader and his legacy of advancing the unity and the progress of the working of class will live on.

With the passing of Bob Crow, the working class in Britain lost a respected and brave leader; the working class in Iran lost a staunch supporter and the bourgeoisie in Britain lost one of its astute enemies.

The Abroad Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist extends its deepest condolence to Bob Crow’s family, his comrades, members of the RMT and the workers in Britain and across the world.


Long Live Revolution!

Worker-community Party of Iran-Hekmatist (the official line)

Abroad Committee

March 12, 2014