Warning against the imperialist counter-revolution plot in Egypt

On the anniversary of the election of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, the Tahrir Square has once again become the centre stage of mass protest of the people who have risen to continue their unfinished revolution. The Square is being taken by the people who do not accept the rule of Morsi and Moslem Brotherhood, the people who wish to put an end to the politics of Moslem Brotherhood and to push back the exertions of the Islamic movement, the people who protest against the continuation of poverty, unemployment and repression.

The Western right-wing media, such as the BBC, immediately announced the news of the army’s 48 hour ultimatum and early presidential elections.

The army’s ultimatum of intervention, military coup, under the pretext of support for anti-government opposition, is taking place with the pretence of support for peaceful gatherings in Tahrir Square.

The Egyptian army is the armed force that is led by the Western governments and counter revolution. The Egyptian revolution got rid of Hosni Mubarak, but left the army intact.

The Egyptian army which has the formal support of the US administration, and its intervention, wrapped under the pretence of support of protestors, is in fact part of an imperialist plot to superimpose the picture of what has happened in Syria on the Egyptian revolution, and give it the same blood-stained outlook as the events in Syria. Their intention is non other than enforcing a recipe for a civil war amongst unarmed people in Egypt - a recipe for bringing afore the armed Islamic movement against the army. The army’s claim of support of the people is only a lie, and their true intention is to pursue the interests of the Western powers.

The intervention of the army, under the false pretence of support for people and for early election, only serves the counter-revolution against the Egyptian revolution.

The claims of Morsi’s government for “honouring elections” can be opposed by the power of the working class and their general strikes, and not by the intervention of the army. The army’s intervention is part and parcel of an imperialist counter revolution project for making Egypt like Syria - a project that can be stopped in its track by the intervention of the working class.

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

1 July 2013