The revolution that gave birth to counter-revolution!


The revolutionary actions of the millions in Cairo and other cities in Egypt against Mohamed Morsi and the ruling Moslem Brotherhood, is the continuation of the unfinished revolution which toppled Hosni Mubarak.

After the magnificent display of the power of protests across Egypt against Morsi and Moslem Brotherhood, and in absence of an organised revolutionary leadership, with the midwifery of generals of the Egyptian army, the main force of imperialist counter-revolution in this country, the revolution finally gave birth to a deformed offspring.

While tens of millions gathered throughout the country to topple the president and the nationalist Islamic movement in Egypt and declared the ruler’s illegitimacy, the army gave a 48 hour ultimatum, arrested the president and ended their rule.

Egypt without the rule of Morsi and Moslem Brotherhood, rid of the intervention of the Islamic laws in private and social lives of people, is a more civilised and humane society. Along with the toppling of the ruling party, who had only brought policies of furthering poverty and suppression of the majority of the population, the army, this most powerful counter-revolutionary force in Egypt, was placed above all in the society.

The army is the largest economic power in Egypt, and owns or controls the broad economy of Egypt, including oil industry, commercial, trade, financial, as well as social and cultural agencies. One the main agenda points of the Egyptian army, which is one the strongest armies in the region, is the suppression of revolutions under the pretext of ensuring “peace and security”.

The Egyptian army has not come fore in defence of “democracy” and “secularism”, nor to defend the rightful demand of people for toppling Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood. Wide-scale arrests, closure of media centres, suppression of Moslem Brotherhood and their demonstrations, which started immediately under the false pretence of security and defence of revolution, are all prelude to the veil of suppression across the whole Egyptian society. Should a society remain silent in the face of such suppression, it leaves it open for the counter-revolutionary army to suppress any opposition under the same pretext of defence of revolution.

The intervention of the Egyptian army in the toppling Morsi demonstrates a divide in the society. This divide, however, is a false and destructive one; it is not based on the different class interests or fundamental political movements in the society. It is a divide based on the two false poles of “secularism” and “democracy”. Neither the Moslem Brotherhood is “democrat”, nor is the army “secular”. This growing gap, in which the army is one the main players, none-the-less provides the grounds and the basis for a destructive civil war, one which blood stains the Arab Spring and wraps the future of Egypt in a veil of uncertainty.

For the deprived majority in Egypt, who have toppled two presidents and experienced their power in the past two years, there is only one option that ensures of the continuation and defence of their revolution and prevents a civil war amongst the unarmed people: uniting and organising themselves in their struggles for welfare, freedom, equality and secularism. The working class and the communist movement in the working class are the forerunners of such demands, and undoubtedly the working class has more interest in these demands than any other class and movement in the society.

In Egypt, the political power is still unresolved, and the working class must intervene to stop the counter-revolutionary army and religious - Islamic currents whom given the crackdown of the army, have the capacity of driving Egypt down the same path as Iraq. Working class intervention, through its own independent political movement and communist party is the way to lead and guarantee the continuation of the revolution in Egypt.


Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist


8 July 2013