Execution, our share of the "Moderate" government
of the Islamic Republic of Iran

To: All Unions, Workers’ and Progressive Parties, Organisations and People.

There has been a growing rise in the number of executions that has taken place in Iran since the ``moderate`` government of Hassan Rouhani has come to power. More than 300 people have so far been executed.

Every year dozens of detainees die in Iranian prisons, merely because of the lack of basic medical facilities, and very many more are still on the list of executioners.

Over the years, thousands of prisoners in Iran have been suffering and losing their lives as a direct result of brutal prison conditions, physical and psychological torture, poor health and lack of basic facilities. Currently dozens of detainees have gone on hunger strike in protest against the lack of care and attention particularly for the ailing prisoners. Such a protest movement is taking place when those involved face extensive risk of crackdowns and threats of execution. This is the share of working-class, women and young protesters in Iran, rather than the claims and propaganda of the media of the Islamic Republic and its defenders in the West, from the current “moderate” government in Iran. Indeed, the current wave of executions is the continuation of the same uninterrupted scenes of violence and crime against the people in Iran that has been taking place for more than three decades. The extent of enforcement of such horrific crimes by the new Rouhani’s cabinet goes further than the suppression of opposition during Ahmadinejad's government, and even beyond that of all the previous governments of the Islamic Republic.  Indeed, the new government is not able to rule without oppression and extreme suppression of the rights of the deprived majority of people in Iran. The process of  “purification process” and presentation of a new and “moderate” version of the Islamic Republic are nothing but a cover, hiding the continued crimes that are underway in this country today.

What is truly despicable is the fact that the "international community", the right-wing governments and parliaments in the Western countries, together with their "human right" organisations, have opted for complete silencing calls against these executions. Such a deadly silence only portrays the degree of hypocrisy of these institutions regarding the protests and executions in the past.

It more clearly evident today that the past protests of the Western governments’ and their so-called reformers’ nagging at extremism in Iran, had in reality no relation whatsoever with the persecutions and executions in Iran, or the lack of women’s right, or the arrests of workers’ activists, or the defence of freedom and safeguarding the struggles of people in Iran for freedom. It is more evident today that all that were merely rhetoric, a smoke screen for putting pressure on the Islamic Republic to subdue and force it to a negotiating table under the pretext of “nuclear energy”. They were all a pretence, merely means of bargaining for negotiations, and that is why they turn a blind eye to the Rouhani’s state executions. There is no doubt today that it is time to expose the hypocrisy of the Western governments and "international authorities"; time to expose the hypocrisy of those oppositions to Rouhani and their false claims of alliance and friendship with the working class and people in Iran.


Fellow workers and progressive people:

We stand together against the Islamic Republic’s crimes and the slaughter machine of Rouhani’s government. We continue our call for “No to Execution” and “Basic rights for prisoners” in support and in solidarity with the demands of the striking prisoners, and against the Western ultra-conservative governments and their collusions with the Islamic leaders. Today’s block-out of the executions by the bourgeois governments in the West, as well as their complicity with states like Iran, are neither something new nor unexpected. Indeed, these are the same governments and institutions who have caused many more horrific atrocities all over the world. No doubt their yesterday’s enmity or today’s friendship, lead to nothing but oppression and lack of rights for the majority of the deprived people. Any expectation of hope from such a camp is merely an illusion.

Today, it is we, the countless ranks of humanity in the West and Iran, who hold on to our firm stance against repression and executions in Iran, in support of workers and freedom seeking people of Iran. Let us join hands and rely on our strength in opposition to the Islamic Republic’s crime of execution.

Working class, civilized humanity and freedom seeking people have both the tradition and experience of reliance on their own strength to put pressure on the ultraconservative states such as Iran, in order to defend the working class and the people who are fighting for freedom and equality. This is our tradition and we ought to rely on our own strength once again to oppose the oppressive regimes like Iran and its international allies.

Today more than ever, the working class and People of Iran need your support - the support of their natural allies.

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran

Long live freedom and equality

6 November 2013