The indictment of Obama’s Government

Obama must be answerable in Sweden!


The President of the United States Barak Obama, is planning to visit Sweden. This visit should be turned into an indictment hearing for the crimes of the US against the millions of victims of Obama’s policy.

To Mr Obama’s Government. These messengers of democracy and “war against terror” are responsible for the death, suffering and homelessness of millions across the world.

The purpose of militarism and warmongering is not to gain freedom and uphold human rights, it is to exercise control over those that do not agree with the policies of the perpetuators.

A review of the past activities of these defenders of democracy and human rights across the world is as follows:

·         The economic war against seventy million people in Iran, under the Banner of economic sanctions, and ostensibly justified under the pretence of a purported “Iranian nuclear threat”, has had a devastating effect on people’s lives in Iran. These economic sanctions have placed millions of workers and their families, in poverty and destitution. The “Iranian nuclear threat” is a subterfuge, just as was Saddam’s falsely claimed “weapons of mass destruction. The price of these economic sanctions will be paid for by the working class, and by the deprived sections of the society of Iran.

·         The victims of Vietnam bombings, the wars in Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria has exposed the falsity of the US government claims of engaging in action only for the purpose of protection from nuclear threats and the establishment of security for the world.


·         According to the Amnesty International’s reports, the United States ranks fifth place in the use of the death penalty and capital punishment. Additionally, the United States is the only country in the American continent that hands down harsh and inhumane punishments.

·         The Guantanamo bay detention camp is still open.

·         During Mr Obama’s office term, he has shown complicity in the program of spying, eavesdropping and collecting of personal information, via the Internet, on people's personal and political activities. Additionally, Mr Obama has been complicit in the monitoring of the personal conversations of US citizens.

·         Amnesty international has recently protested against a targeted killing program, in which the US army is using Drones to attack anyone who is defined by them as an enemy. Amnesty international and has made a clear incriminating exposé on the civilian victims of Drone and other US weapons of mass destruction across the world.

The US government's world wide crimes against humanity have also led to the formation of destructive forces in other countries. It is the NATO, Pentagon and Israeli crimes that have advanced the Islamists, nationalists and other local thugs in Iraq, the Middle East and Africa.

It is the crimes of the Israeli Government that has created many criminal factions in Palestine. The Talibans have become a significant force in Afghanistan and reactionary Islamist movements have found increased ground for their political agenda. Al-kida and Salafies and other Islamic fractions have grown within the west's militaristic moves in the Middle East, sometimes as an aid to the western governments and at other times independently.

The savagery of the US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and the people's hatred of them, will put the helpless and scared in situations where they have no choice but to take refuge with the native Islamist, anti American thugs.

Mr Obama is at the head of such oppressive government machinery.

We should turn his appearance in Sweden as an opportunity to engage in a trial and hearing of the tragic events that Obama's government has created across the world.

We will stand alongside the millions that are victims of NATO and US government's crimes, and against western militarism.

We are asking that all the Swedish workers, all the freedom fighters, all of those against the west's militarism, and all of the people opposing Imperialist interference, to make a stand with us against Obama's criminal policies,  and to declare to the world, that humanity will not tolerate the US government's savagery and their daily crimes against humanity.


Hekmatist party-Abroad committee

14 August 2013