We must stand against the United States and Britain’s war machine

The western government’s plan to over through the Assad’s regime, modeled on Gaddafi’s downfall scenario and based on botched up armed opposition, composed of religious thugs and bands of criminals engineered by the western governments, has been unsuccessful. The western governments were forced to put negotiations with the Syrian regime on their agenda. However the negotiations were deemed unpleasant by the opposition that was promised to be crowned in Damascus! The opposition, that just one of its activities was to attack and kill innocent people in Kurdish region of Syria. The opposition forces, which are not in power yet, but the extent of their crimes and carnage no less than the regime in power, is even more severe and destructive.

Among all this chaos suddenly a saviour angel reappears within the opposition forces and is descended, under the pretence of chemical attacks, on the innocent Syrian people.

Hundreds of innocent people in Damascus, men, women and children become victims of the most horrendous crime, the chemical attacks. The criminal opposition to the Syrian regime, using this excuse, immediately declares the end of negotiations with the Syrian regime.

As yet no investigation has reached a conclusion with regard to this horrendous crime. The workings of this crime and its perpetrators are unclear even by the most right wing western Medias. The US and Britain’s war machine has suddenly come to the aid of the opposition and their propaganda machine is continuously broadcasting across the world. They are apparently exempt from the UN Security Council’s consent.

Regardless of the possibility of attack by the US and Britain’s governments and destruction and massacre of thousands of innocent people, the mere threat of war; playing with people’s lives, their livelihood and their society in every corner of the world is terrorizing people in their living environment.

Freedom seeking people!

We must stand against the US and Britain’s war machine, their bullying and war mongering and killings of innocent people.

Iraq and the excuse of weapons of mass destruction, Libya and the western alliance regime change, the daily explosions and murder of innocent people in Iraq has not been forgotten yet.

People across the world experience these meddling scenarios with flesh and bloods of thousands of innocent people. Clear deception, grand lies, Libya and Iraq’s scenarios, cannot be easily repeated any more.

Mr Obama and David Cameron are accountable! They must halt their war machines! The world has seen enough of the result of their “liberation plans”. It is enough!

These heads of terrorism and militarism must be reined everywhere.


Hekmatist party-Abroad committee

28 August 2013

www.hekmatist .com