Massacre of striking South African miners

Unbelievable but true!

The brutal attack of the South African police force and their direct firing on the gathering of about 3,000 miners, who had taken industrial action for improved pay and conditions, has left more than 30 dead and many wounded. Following such a terrorist and premeditated massacre on 16 August 2012, many more have been arrested.

Such a criminal action and the killing of workers is the response of the South African state to the striking workers who had refused to return to work.

The South African state’s representation of the savage aims of capital in pursuit of higher and higher profits, and the indiscriminate firing on protesting workers have taken place with such viciousness that is unprecedented even among all the other criminals of the capitalist class.

All those responsible for spilling the blood of the striking South African workers, killing of workers struggling for improved pay and working conditions, and injuring and harming striking workers must be tried for crimes against humanity.

Throughout the world, the working class must rise against the bloodshed of striking South African miners and demand the trial and punishment of all those responsible for this massacre. These criminals must answer for their actions.

Down with the state of capital

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist
17 August 2012